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INFO : Access to Penumbra Hollows

Started by herodotus2, October 15, 2003, 08:06:38 pm

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Entrance can be located by heading to the West Incarntor in Penumbra then heading West along that "grey pipe", at which point you should be able to zone into the Penumbra Hollow's.

EDIT: Picture removed, site appears to be down http://personal.inet.fi/surf/jph/ao/guide/hollows_entrance.jpg



After spending just shy of 4hours in the Hollows today I've come to the conclusion it is just a serious of mini-boss's and some nice eye-candy, I shall be spending more time in there over the upcoming days to try and spot hidden corners :D

Anyway, the boss mobs drop some quite nice Melee armour for Adventurer's

Armour Profile

Sanguisugent Energy Shield
Sanguisugent Gauntlets
Sanguisugent Body Armour


Another enterance is at the South Unredeemed Village.. Forgot the Loc... :P For us clanners, Recomend the West one tho...



*Looks around for Mongo's Gargantua nano*
*Look's around some more*