QUEST : Adonis Omni Sanctuary Quest COMPLETED

Started by Friregan, October 17, 2003, 02:16:00 pm

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Quote from: "Salashan"
Want to start by saying this quest seems to be working fine now. I did it today with five people, trying different things and everything checks out fine. Since the "IN-PROGRESS" thread is full of conflicting information, here is a complete walk through. Enjoy

You start the quest by visiting Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal (southwest of the save point in Adonis Garden). Show him your garden key and he will ask you to find a blue print of a Demon. The Pattern you are looking for is QL160 Infernal Demon.

There are two places with 100% drop rate:

- Visionist Lum-Bhotaar Dal 1475x850 Adonis City (UnReedemed)
- Follower Man-Hes Dal 1310x810 Adonis City (Followers of the Temple)

Because the Visionist is aligned with the unreedeemed, you will lose 5 pts of faction every time you kill him. If you don't want to lose faction with the unreedemed, then stick to killing Follower Man-Hes Dal (You will not lose pts with the unredeemed for killing the follower).

Once you have a completed pattern, return to garden and show Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal. You will get a mission complete and your new assignment will be to get information from a diviner. (Notice: the mission icon is kill person!)

At this point you make the pattern of the Infernal Demon for spawning (with 160+ source cystal/novictum). Visit a 160+ incarnator and bring him to life. When he spawns, he cannot be attacked for six minutes. This is to give you lots of time to talk to him.

When you talk to him, be sure and talk to the demon like he is garbage. The more rude/arrogant you are, the more success you will have of getting what you want. If you mess up the conversation, that's ok. Just close the dialogue box and try again.

At the end of the conversation, the demon should give you a blueprint of the diviner and then despawn.

Now you need to complete this blueprint (QL150+ source crystal/novictum) and spawn him. Again, once you spawn the diviner, he will be in a six minute grace period. Once he starts to look nervous, blast him!

Once dead, he will drop "Information". Take this item back to Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal in the garden and give it to him. You will then receive your sanctuary key.


The Infernal Demon is immune to attacks for a few minutes after he spawned - we figured that was because we had to talk to him, but that wasn't the case. If the Unredeemed sanctuary-quest also requires you to summon this demon,  it's probably because you have to talk to it.


well seeing i need to camp spirits for the blueprint and dont have any redeemed mobs dropping the parts.. ill wait abit with this part :/


1) Show your Dalja Garden Key to Visionist Bhotaar-Hes Dal in Garden. He tells you to hunt ghosts and find blueprint for a demon.

2) Hunt spirits/spirit hunters and complete the blueprint for "Infernal Demon". You can hunt ranked unredeemed for patterns too, if you don't mind losing some unredeemed faction. Note that you can't combine Aban pattern which dropped befor with Bhotaar. You need Abhan pattern. Maybe GM can replace your Aban pattern for Abhan? I don't know.

3) Show the complete blueprint for Infernal Demon to Visionist. You get quest update and Visionist will tell you to summon the demon and get some information from him.

4) Make Novictalized Notum Crystal and summon the Demon. Then talk with him.
"The Demon won't be very easily dealt with." (by Visionist) - So true, but I think you can do it. I chose wrong sentence first and couldn't continue conversation, but he didn't despawn and I tried again, which worked. "Basically, you just need to show it who's boss." (by Visionist) - At last he gives you Complete Blueprint Pattern of 'Diviner Gil Kalad-Thar'.

5) Make Novictalized Notum Crystal for Diviner Gil Kalad-Thar and summon him, then kill him. You get mission update.

6) Bring Record of Lost Diviner that Diviner drops to Visionist. Quest Completed, You get the Sanctuary Key.


With the blueprint you get from the demon, you need to Summon that mob and kill it for the mission update. It will drop an item which you then take back to the visionist for the key. :)
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I heard that spawning this PB spawns not only the PB but a whole thwack of adds as well.  True?  False?  Not sure if the rumour was concerning this pattern or if it was for another pattern.


Spawning the Infernal Demon does not spawn any adds. The only pocketbosses that has adds are named "Unredeemed" or "Redeemed" something as far as I know (e.g. Unredeemed Dalja, Redeemed Gilthar, etc).


thanks for the info. :)
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well, i followed the guide and being omni of course did not want to loose faction so i went looking for this Follower Man Hes Dal.

Found him at given coords, killed him too, wasnt that hard, cept got agro from about every mob around and lost 1.2K faction...

Word of advice, dont go kill him as the guide above proposes, youll get a huge faction hit :(


Yeah. they "fixed" faction loss in 15.4


The patterns can also be found on the spirits that drop the JAMEs near dead ends


Mystaro, you mean they fixed it so you do get faction loss now or don't?  It used to be I wouldn't lose unredeemed faction at all with Man-Hes Dal but what are you saying?  Fixed it how?  Please be a bit more informative, thanks.
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I meant "fixed" in a sarcastic sense.

It used to be that you wouldn't lose any (or much) faction for killing your own side.

Now you lose quite a bit.

It's fixed in the sense that it's now working the way FC apparently wanted it to in the first place, but still broken in regards to the fact that Omni have a hell of a time getting the pattern parts for this quest as they only seem to drop with any regularity off the unredeemed mobs.


If you kill the Follower type fella, you loose quite a bit of follower faction. You don't loose any unredeemed faction thought, so who cares? :P

I tried doing this the 'right' way first, camping spirits for the infernal demon pattern.. took me 3 days to get 5 chi patterns and none of the others. Then once I gave up and started killing Follower Man-Hes Dal I got the remaining pieces in 3 kills :)


Do you personally have to assemble the diviners crystal (900 NP) or can someone else do it for you? I would assume the latter since the mission looks like it only requires for you to kill the diviner. Can several people kill just one diviner or does everyone have to have the loot?

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