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QUEST : Scheol Clan Sanctuary Key COMPLETED

Started by Friregan, October 17, 2003, 02:01:12 pm

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finally tagged the lil thing called :"small part of a ancient machinery" located 1357,1760 in necropolis, Scheol Lower.

Mission updated , time to get back to eclesiast ocra lux ^^


Updated first post with complete walktrough.

Quest fully functional now just for reference and can be completed.

Lord "Khalem" Trevallien - Fixer Kingpin


what level do you suggest for doing this quest ?

i'm MA lvl 158. doing it alone.


Help me out here. I've killed every named mob in the first two rooms of the unredeemed temple but I haven't seen an acolyte spawn yet. Which mob am I supposed to kill to get the accolyte?


2 room in temple right side follow the romm then in a middl from a circle is a boss whit name prophet ...                   kill this then  acolite spawn


all saying i need 3 complit blu brint from min lin ju  i only see 2

1. Talk to Sipius (in the Garden), he asks you to go spawn Min-Ji again and show her the cloth you looted from Completing the Garen Key Quest, to help her remember who she was.

2. Spawn Min-Ji again with a new Pathern and show her the cloth, she talks about being trapped there by Eric Miller

3. Return to Sipius, tell him about Miller and offer to help Min-Ji

4. Go to the Unredeemed Temple and Spawn Omega Miller by Killing The Prophet in the Big room on the Right Side. An Acolyte mob will Spawn and you need to chat Trade him 6 Insignas of Roch like on other Faction huntings. Omega Miller wills Spawn. Kill Miller*, get the Defiled Pattern of Min-Ji Liu

5. Go to Ecclesiast Ocra Lux. Talk to him and give him the defiled pattern. He will send you to locate an ancient device. This can be located just outside Ergo's cave in Scheol (directly south of the cave entrance). Target the device and wait for quest update.

6. Go back to Ecclesiast Ocra Lux and tell him you found the device. He will ask you for the defiled pattern, so give that to him. He will then spawn Redeemed Ocra. Talk to him and give him the pattern, and he will bless it.

7. Spawn Weary Empath Min-Ju Liu yet again and give her the blessed pattern. She will despawn and you end up with a mysterious container called Essence of Patience.

8. Go back to Ecclesiast Ocra Lux and give him the Essence of Patience.

9. Enjoy your new key

can pls someone say me wer the 3   is


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You do indeed only need 2 patterns, i ahve just done the quest and can confirm that