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There are a lot of launch issues and this seems to be one of them.  Even if they do add space, a lot of us got screwed out of a lot of credits.  In order for our Org to make AI even worth buying, we had to scrap all that we made originally (our lot was too small only because of the CT placement by FC) and start over.  Kiss 100M good bye.  These things should have been tested in Beta and it is wrong to make the user population suffer poor testing.  It is not like this was a intermitent thing.
Quests / Infos needed for Uncle Bazzit Quest
September 07, 2004, 03:58:02 am
I must say, after going through all of that crap the belt was VERY anticlimactic.  And the belt is rather insufficent for this quest period!  I mean, come on.  At least make it 6 slot.  Or maybe add some stat that would make us care about the thing (like a CL or Treatment bonus?).

Oh well.  It is done and over with for me.  Not worth the time for any alt though.