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Tradeskills / Okay probably a dumb question.
September 29, 2004, 12:42:12 am
on ql 300 weapons you nee 240er ql updates
Tradeskills / Build New Alien Armor ( Combined Armor )
September 14, 2004, 07:07:05 pm
hmm try to get ql 300er pristine/mutated biomaterial, while i never seen 300er pristine/mutated bm, only 300er Viral Serum and Weapon upgrades.
Tradeskills / Profession Weapons
September 13, 2004, 11:00:42 pm
I think you Need XXX Item + Biomaterial tubing to get the special Prof Weapons, while Explosif Devise + Biomaterial Tubing = Engie only Grenade Launcher, Fused Biomaterial + Biomaterial Tubing = Trader only Shotgun.

Anyone tried other item's on tubing?
Tradeskills / Overheated Compiler
September 13, 2004, 10:49:21 pm
no process in the tradeskill kit ;)
never found weapon types in biomaterial looted from normal aliens, only from bosses.
Tradeskills / Build New Alien Armor ( Combined Armor )
September 12, 2004, 12:17:37 am
Quote from: "Laurin"
Quote from: "Kzak"I stand corrected. :)

EDIT: 2.1k Chemistry for QL300 soup... hm, that's a tall order! But I believe I'll be able to get that much. Good thing I saved some IP for AI. :D

Never seen dropping QL 300 Bio Material that were Muated / pristine.

Mutated Biomaterial 7 Chem per Ql
Pristine Biomaterial 4,5 Chem perl Ql

and need Ql 240+ Fomratted Kyr'Ozch Viralbots for 300er Biomaterial/DNA Cocktail
Tradeskills / Build New Alien Armor ( Combined Armor )
September 10, 2004, 04:25:29 pm
Version 1.2
- Guide Created - Sidy
- Added Images and more details - Herodotus2
- Added Skill Requirements - Herodotus2
- Added Item Drop / Purchase Locations - Herodotus2

NOTE: You will need to complete the Social Clothing Quest a Maximum of 14 times for a full set of combined armor !!!  :shock:  :( ,  so you may find this utility handy. Its a map for AO of all the Social Clothing quest NPC's.  


Items you will need to farm from alien drops

...  of course you could always wait until it starts appearing on the forums since the armor isn't NODROP :D


Requirements : 4.5 x QL of the viral bots in CL and NP.
NOTES: Kyr'Ozch Atomic Re-Structuralizing Tool - Alien Drop, Kyr'Ozch Viralbots - Alien Drop

+ =

Kyr'Ozch Viralbots + Kyr'Ozch Atomic Re-Structulazing Tool = Memory Wiped Kyr'Ozch Atomic Viralbots
Requirements : 6 x QL in Nano Programming.
NOTES: Nano Programming Interface - Bazzits shop or regular shop

+ =

Nano Programming Interface + Memory Wiped Kyr'Ozch Atomic Viralbots = Formatted Kyr'Ozch Viralbots


Requirements : For Both Step 3 & 4
Mutated Biomaterial Requires 7 x Chem
Pristine Biomaterial 4,5 x Chem
NOTES: Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer. This tool is made by combining Field Quantum Physics All-Purpose Tool + Kyr'Ozch Atomic Re-Structuralizing Tool --This takes 600QFT to accomplish. Or you can get the tool by doing Uncle Bazzits quest.

Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer + Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material = one of several random results :

  • Kyr'Ozch Viral Serum (used with bio-comm'd manteze nasal membrane to make same ql immunity system for buildings)
  • Any one of the Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material - Type X's for weapons upgrades.
  • Mutated Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material
  • Pristine Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material

Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial - Alien Drop[/size]

+ =

Kyr'Ozch Structual Analyzer + Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial= Mutated Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial
Requirements : 7 x QL in Chemistry.
NOTES : Uncle Bazzit's Generic Nano-Solvent - Bazzits shop

+ =

Mutated Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial + Uncle Bazzit's Generic Nano Solvent = Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA Soup

Requirements : 6 x QL in Pharma-Tech.
NOTES: Essential Human DNA - Bazzits shop

+ =

Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA Soup + Essentinal Human DNA = DNA Cocktail


Requirements : 6 x QL in Pharma-Tech

+ =

Formatted Viralbots + DNA Cocktail = Kyr'Ozch Formatted Viralbot Solution
Requirements :

+ =

Kyr'Ozch Formatted Viralbot Solution + Basic <insert armor piece> (from basic clothing quest) = Formatted Viralbot <insert armor piece>

Requirements : 6 x QL in Psychology
NOTES: Arithmetic/Strong/Enduring/Spiritual/Observant/Supple Viralbots are alien drops.  

+ =

Arithmetic/Supple/Enduring/Observant/Strong/Spiritual Viralbot's (only must use 1 of them) + Formatted Viralbot <insert armor piece> = Alien Armor ( Arithmetic/Supple/Enduring/Observant/Strong/Spiritual Armor )

To make the combined armor you will need 2 complete sets of different armor ( See Chart Below ) and then combine them to complete the combined armor process.

Strong Body Armor + Supple Body Armor = Combined Commando's Jacket
Strong Body Armor + Enduring Body Armor = Combined Mercenary's Jacket
Spiritual Body Armor + Arithmetic Body Armor  = Combined Officer's Jacket
Spiritual Body Armor + Enduring Body Armor = Combined Paramedic's Jacket
Observant Body Armor +  Arithmetic Body Armor = Combined Scout's Jacket
Observant Body Armor + Supple Body Armor =  Combined Sharpshooter's Jacket

Further Reading :

Combined armor - Combined quest & tradeskill quide
Armor Process and List
Grafting New Armor
yes, i mean the alien general
Tradeskills / Looking for Essential Human DNA
September 08, 2004, 10:43:23 am
i killed runaway's in tir/tir country/efp/andromeda/lush/mutant domain/newland/pleasent madow's ^^ and some other playfields...

but faunlore say's Aquan's are Humanoid's but... where are the aquqan's? :P

i maked ca. 100 monster missis in ql 100 to find aquan quen but.... ;D
Tradeskills / Looking for Essential Human DNA
September 08, 2004, 01:26:49 am
killed alot of runaway's... no drop ^^ wrong mob type ;)
Tradeskills / Looking for Essential Human DNA
September 07, 2004, 11:24:13 pm
hmm.. i looked for "runaway" mob's in vw,andromeda and 4holes... but no luck
Tradeskills / Looking for Essential Human DNA
September 07, 2004, 10:03:31 pm
no one have an ideae wehre human dna can drop?
general drop
Tradeskills / Looking for Essential Human DNA
September 06, 2004, 07:13:13 pm
Essential Human DNA http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=247123

I think Kyr'Ozch Dna Soup + Essential Human DNA gives

DNA Cocktail http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=247125

Anyone found this Item, or know wehre Special Human Mob's are? Human Clone's or so, i looked in VW by the runaway mob's, but no luck.
Tradeskills / Confirmed Tradeskill Process's
September 06, 2004, 07:09:37 pm
Fused Biotech Material http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=251217 + Biomaterial Tubing http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=253151 = Salabim Shotgun Supremo  http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=253236