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The problem with small plots will be taken care of!
A GM told us that there would be atleast 2 3x3 spots!
Just so you know.
Hehe Fuzze...
Gadda = Kungkeno =)

We have build a new town in NS now... Much bigger, much more expencive, much cooler!
But no money left! :/
We build our city... getting a nice HQ!
Being attacking by aliens!
Everything i sooo sweet!

Then, we gonna build a Cloaking Device, BUT...
theres only one 3x3 spot on our plot and thats already taken by the HQ!

Is this intended? After all I have read about AI it says "Your able to trigger an Alian attack"
Hard to do with out a Cloaking Device!

We are thinking of deleting our city and build a new one, but then theres a lot of hard earnd cash just disapearing like poo in a toilet!