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City & Town Building / Petting zoo
October 05, 2004, 03:54:50 am
A friend of mine saw a PETTING ZOO? in a player city on Rimor.

Anyone know how to make these?
City & Town Building / Mob locations/drop rates/etc
September 07, 2004, 09:56:06 pm
Heya, I'm going to be making a list of all the mobs that have been known to drop components of city buliding, their locations where I have found them, and a general drop rate if I have hunted enough to hazard a guess.  As the days pass I will update this as my hunts progress and as people reply to it with their own adds.

Scarlatina Omus(Slow-Killing Poison): N-NE Mort.  
NOTE: Is found in large crowds, usually with other spiders in the general area.

Saltworm(Unrefined Notum Salt): NW BS, N-NE Mort.  
NOTE: I had a 1 for 1 drop rate hunting several in BS, but haven't actually hunted them in Mort although I have seen a fair number of them.

Rollerrat Queen(Rollerrat Queen Blood): I forgot where I found these, but I do know that there will be a fairly large field of these, and Rollerrat Matriarchs that hang around together.  They are pinkish/red in color.  Drop rate is I think 1 for 2 at least, if not better.

Stalker(Stalker Carapace): NE Upper Stret, Above the river.  
NOTE: It is east of the rhinos and they can usually be found along the coastline. Drop rate about 1 in 3.

Giant Chirop(Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg) SE Aegean in the mountains, Other parts of S Aegean.  Drop rate about 1 in 5.
NOTE: The SE aegean group, I killed about 15 but only got 3 eggs.

Manteze Scout(Manteze Scout Nasal Membrane) SE Aegean east of the river before the mountains.  
NOTE: There are three or four different kind of manteze around here, the key is the scout will run away from you when he sees you.  He is also the rarest type of manteze in that area.  

NOTE2: There is also a Manteze dyna-camp in this area if your interested, with a 70ish manteze dyna-boss.

NOTE3: I would ignore the spot on Dovve's map where it says Manteze.  I went there and only found like 3 manteze total, and only 1 scout(who was not kind enough to drop his nose), it isn't worth it.  

An overall note on all this.  These mobs don't respawn as fast as some of the other mobs, so if your not finding them in these areas, look around for other players as to the reason why.
Chat and OCC / False alarm alien attacks
September 07, 2004, 05:32:55 am
My org has had both the massive attacks that are like six-eight wave capped off by a General, but we have had three times as many false alarms, where an alien ship will touch down, drop one wave, and leave.  Can anyone tell me why or how this happens?

And btw, its BS if they say attacks are fixed...attacks happen multiple times daily whether we have our shield up or not.
Bugs and Issues / Bazzit quest bugged
September 05, 2004, 05:14:08 am
Following bugs were noted with the Uncle Bazzit quest

-Showing Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer to Eco Red does not clear that mission out.

-Scanning Animals for Eco Red does not clear out either.

-After talking to Zibell in CAV, and then going to see Dr. Krank, I found out to some dismay that you cannot kill Dr. in, it won't let you attack him, period.  So the whole "Getting Rid of Dr. Krank" is bugged and I was unable to continue the quest at this point.