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City & Town Building / City Building
September 03, 2004, 09:34:53 pm
Í´m just refering to the "technical" size of the buildings as Jayde calls them.
The sizes in tiles I´ve found out so far are:

Small HQ: 15x15
Large HQ: 20x20
Notum Silo: 15x15
ECM: 15x15
Notum Mining: 10x10
Satelite Uplink: 5x5
Grid House: 5x5
Wompah: 2x2
Sky Bar: 5x10
Swimming Pool: 15x20
Landing Pad: 10x10
Café: 10x10

All the buildings I checked were Omni ones but as far as I´ve seen so far the sizes don´t differ between the factions.
edit: confirmed sizes.
Quests / Infos needed for Uncle Bazzit Quest
September 03, 2004, 03:50:42 pm
Hmm, the "real" reward is already given to you before you go to Alvin/Dogda. Check that device Bazzit gave you. If I remember correct it said something about it needs to be equipped in order for some alien perks to work.

edit: Bazzit's Alien Library
City & Town Building / City Building
September 03, 2004, 03:33:56 pm
I´m pretty sure it´s more like 1 square is 5x5 tiles because as far as I remember I counted that many tiles for the smallest buildings which would be 1x1 square. No matter what it looks like we´re developing a unit system now where one square is the smallest size of a building whereas 1 tile is a smaller unit a pavement takes.
City & Town Building / City Building
September 03, 2004, 11:24:52 am
How about instead of using fractions of the "squares" you keep counting in to use one "tile" (e.g. size of a park tree) as the unit to count in?
I´ll post my observations about the size in "tiles" for every building I can find out this evening.
City & Town Building / City Building
September 02, 2004, 06:43:17 pm
Out of curiousity: Do more Guard Houses mean more guards or are they redundant?
May it be that he´s talking about the Rollerrat Queen Blood? When I first read it I had the impression that´s what he meant. Another Idea is, that maybe it´s either possible to construct one per tradeskill or find it via camping. I just hope it´s not pure camping. :/
edit: nevermind the first part. I just read the latest post in that thread and it´s obvious now he´s indeed talking about the recharger.