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ok, saw now that each unique lvl on them heal up to xx %....bah
Why these have ql 1-100 I dunno, but as you say, might be a nice income for the low lvl`s. But, if the ql1 do the same as ql100, then it`s just to add another alt to do another boring thing.

Ok, so it`s expected that you have one of these for each attack you want. Should not be to bad then if the droprate dont suck to much, but as far as I read the droprate is not the best on the mish`es that has been done so far.

I really looking forward to hear about other mobs outside mish`es that drops these with a high droprate.
well, can`t believe that funcom ask us to do rk mish to get these items.

He said he found a ql5 of the unit, in a lvl 93 mish. Maybe they aren`t higher then ql 5, and my guess it would also drops from other mobs around rk. I guess this is a permanent item, and not only 1 time use.
Weapons & Armor / AI weapons
September 02, 2004, 08:42:30 am
Seems to be some nice Shotguns tough. But, SL weapons like smg, jame and mbc can be pretty good when playing against aliens.