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Bugs and Issues / Re: running 2 accounts
Last post by Vercingetorix - March 02, 2005, 01:52:39 pm
Quote from: "zeekial"[...]might be cause one was on an AI subscription and the other on a basic trial acc that it might not mix the two, but that doesn't account for the general chat visable on both. (though one did see other poeple that the other did not, aswell) [...]

I'm pretty sure you've already figured it out, but since I'm such anice guy and all  :D , and I see the question pop up here and then :

I'm pretty sure you're talking about the ICC Backyards : they're instanced - run up to the teleporter Rooms, Team up, and make sure all persons in the Team zone out at the same time, to be on the same playfied.

First post, nice assit, I'd like to think.
Weapons & Armor / Where to find: Hood of Yearnin...
Last post by allupinu - March 02, 2005, 11:19:25 am
yearning armor drops from dyna or bosses in missions I have seen this armor drop in missions from  regular mods as well. Happy Hunting.
Weapons & Armor / Where to find: Hood of Yearnin...
Last post by Ketsuekicat - February 27, 2005, 09:53:51 pm
Does anyone know where i can find Hood of Yearning? (ql100?) Please let me know if you do, also if you have it and youre on rk1 please send Koibitokoi a tell, Ill pay around 300k for it, thanks!  :D
Weapons & Armor / weapon drops in ICC backyard
Last post by gamerfreak - February 26, 2005, 08:01:49 pm
has anybody come across kyr'ozch axes in the ICC bkacyard off the scouts or specialists? if so, what dropped it? thx for the help :)
Chat and OCC / Thanks!!
Last post by Ketsuekicat - February 25, 2005, 10:04:38 pm
Thank you a bunch! :) that explained a lot to me hehe  :D Thank you for all that info :) and if i do need help i shall contact you  :wink: again thanks so much!
Chat and OCC / I've had AI for about 3 months...
Last post by Whatchuwant - February 25, 2005, 08:52:46 pm
There's only 3 ways to get axp at this time.

1) ICC Shuttleport - all new characters start here, and can gain 2 or 3 levels worth of axp before leaving for the mainland. You cannnot return to here, so if you didn't start here, this is not an option

2) The new alien playfields - Released in the most recent patch, these areas are for lvl 180+ and are raid oriented (20+ players in each area).

3) Aliens spawned at org cities - Any guilds that have build a city have the ability to spawn aliens at will. These spawns consist of several waves of aliens attacking on the ground, followed by a boss-type general. If these waves & general are successfully defeated, several guild members will be invited (semi-randomly) to board the alien ship that arrived to bring the aliens & general.

I'd say your best bet is going to be #3. If you're not in a guild, visit the forums, and check the Life on Atlantean/Rimor threads for any orgs that are recruiting, or ask around among your in-game acquaintances for recommednations. You'll want to make certain that the org you join has alien battles for the level range that your character is (aliens spawn based on the level of the guild members present, so having a tight level range of players is usually best). Another option to joining an org is to befriend some org members, and ask to tag along at their battles. Non-guilded players don't affect the number or level of aliens, so having extra attackers can help with success rate. The real axp gain happens on board the ship, though, so if you remain unguilded, or fight mostly at other org cities, you'll be missing out on this possibility.

Hopefully this info is helpful. IF you have any more questions, post 'em here, or if you're on Rk1, feel free to send me a /tell in-game :)
Chat and OCC / I've had AI for about 3 months...
Last post by Ketsuekicat - February 25, 2005, 12:07:43 am
How do I get axp? (AI xp) I know you need to find a Alien mothership, or so someone told me but how? and is there another place? (that i can walk to lol  :?: )   :cry: i want some of those perks hehe so if anyone could tell me some more about ai exp and how to get it etc i would be very grateful  :)  So please  :cry: help this poor demented soul hehe
Last post by Pyrogt - February 24, 2005, 01:50:41 am
ok i downloaded the AO game and i unzipped it with win zip and then i ran setup then it said go to control pannel to install and configure sysstem WHAT I DONT UNDER STAND

(It wasnt bittorent version)
Chat and OCC / Need a suggestion
Last post by Alien Investigator - February 24, 2005, 12:29:37 am
How can I the occiasional player [1 or 2 times a week] get more aliens? I have had AI since it came out, i even have a little leet, but only alien level 5 due to lower level character then most. How can I get more? I don't know very many people since I don't play that much and so finding someone ot just look for CRU is hard. I see high levels forming CRU teams on a routine basis but less then 150 and you are righ out of luck? any suggestions?

Main character is clan, atlantean server
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