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Screenshots / Shark Invasion
September 22, 2004, 05:25:03 am
tried this today.. was alot of fun.. as a side note, the sharks are the same that spawn in adonis, you kill the first and then 2 spawn.. kill those and 1-2 spawn from each.. until the evil sharks, which drop a piece for the pen glasses.  So yeah... waste of time, fun to look at, but even ely hecklers give better xp and are much easier o)
GJ funcom for using the same sharks that are in adonis, instead of creating new ones that don't suck to kill.

-- I was trying to get easy xp by sitting afk while my pets hunted the fishes... then the sharks came... and soon after so did reclaim! o)
My guess is that people are complaining about alien xp.
I get 120ish per kill of a yellow mob solo, when I don't get loot, 130ish when I do get loot
Just solod a red mob and got 140alien xp
When in group I get 25-40 depending on alien mob lvl

How F'd is that?

Right now the fastest way to lvl is to have everyone ungrouped and do at least 10% dmg to the mob or whatever it is... like galahad raids except for xp. heh

And don't even get me started on how it seems you can LOSE levels that you have gained. ugh

--210 agent

OOPS! just saw this was covered on another post.. disregard this completly