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City & Town Building / Re: Private Study and Tradeski...
Last post by Firedup - January 04, 2006, 02:36:48 am
There needs to be some way to fix the land so that we can get buildings on like the Notum Silo 3x3
should be 2x2 we have a lot of land that is wasted due to the layout but we are still paying 101 mil a month at least put the controlers in the proper place so the land can be utilized. 

Hercules1 pst me I can show you how bad the layouts are.

Chat and OCC / Best PVP proffesion
Last post by ghozt - December 19, 2005, 04:30:54 pm
Is it just me or is it unspoken that no website's tell you what is the best pvp profession at higher levels. I hear so many diff ideas but maybe someone could do huge article on this .....
City & Town Building / Question about QL300 Buildings
Last post by Neo-Vortex - December 18, 2005, 07:00:21 am
For the HQ, To make a QL300 one, the Superior Building Structure has to be QL300 right?, now, the question is, is it possible to make a QL300 Superior Building Structure using the Strong Regenerating Bioplate tradeskilled from the stalker carapace (it is only ql100 in the db), or do i have to camp bazzits shop for a QL300 HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate and use the Strong Regenerating Nanobots and QL300 Generic Organic Immunity System?
Server Maintenance / Re: Upcoming server move (Dec ...
Last post by Khalem - December 17, 2005, 04:19:47 pm
Server move has been completed and the forum converted.

There might still be the odd loose end lying about that needs to be fixed, but that will have to wait until over the weekend until everything else has been moved aswell.
City & Town Building / To Make a Clan HQ
Last post by Neo-Vortex - December 16, 2005, 09:47:02 pm
What are the minimum QLs of the items for ending up with a QL300 Large Clan Organization Headquarters? just the SBS? or?
Server Maintenance / Upcoming server move (Dec 2005...
Last post by Khalem - December 16, 2005, 09:33:57 am
Starting today, December the 16th, there might be interruption in service for the Alien Invation library as the site is moved to a new physical server.
The move is scheduled to happen somewhere between the 16th and the 18th. Im afraid i cannot give more exact times due to the sheer amount of sites and data that will be moved and as such some sites may not be moved at the same time as others.
Chat and OCC / PVP atrox FIxer vs. Opi Fixor
Last post by ghozt - December 14, 2005, 07:46:24 pm
I have yet to find a good website that tells you the run down on who beats who in pvp and what breeds are better. I know it has to do with whos playing that particualar toon but I would like to know a little more then that. ie. I dont want to level my opi fixer past 170 if an atrox fixer will pawn him at 220 so if anyone can help that would be great... thanks
Chat and OCC / New Boss Room on Alien Ships
Last post by Baina - December 12, 2005, 06:53:10 pm
my strategy is:
kill pilot he hits herd :P
then go as fast as posible to this boss (admiral with werid name) and kill him @ his spawn point, he hits hard to so you need good tank enf is good but req a lot of healing so i chose soldier with tms/ams and 2nd sl witth guardian in his spawn point are only 4 cocons when he spawn one yu must kill it fast when 4 cocons are spawned theres no mre adds so its "easy" :)
Chat and OCC / Alien levels
Last post by ossy - December 01, 2005, 03:47:01 am
Hi, im new to AI - well sorta  - hehe and i wondered if all u alien experts could post me a list of when u get ur alien lvls corresponding to ur RK/SL lvl - ie

1st - lvl 5
2nd - lvl 15

this would be very helpful for me as i have a few twinks at different lvls and would like to max out their AI lvls

Thnx for ur time in advance
Ossy xx
Quests / Map for Social Clothing Quest
Last post by Imbeciles - November 21, 2005, 01:30:26 am

Link is dead - can someone please re-post!
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