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Bugs and Issues / Custom GUI users read!
September 01, 2004, 07:57:50 pm
If you have the old GUI customized, then you will have to say goodbye to it - it's no longer supported.

If you have the new GUI customized however, you will have to uninstall it else the patch will leave you with a semi-functional GUI.

Read this thread on the topic or download the original files from here directly.
City & Town Building / City Building
September 01, 2004, 05:53:03 pm
Getting Started

First of all, you cannot buy ready-made houses. You have to build them using tradeskills. The store where all this is sold is Uncle Bazzit's Shop in Meetmedere (MMD). Note that to prevent griefing MMD is no longer 25%. The shop is inside the city. When you are at the outdoor vendors you will see it. His vendors look like the Fixer Shop - big brown boxes in the corners. One sells floorplans, the tradeskill items are located in the "Miscellany". Now why Omni-Tek advertises house building yet only a questionable merchant in a less reputable area is selling the necessary items is beyond me. He's The Man if you want a HQ - and you know you want one. Let's take a look at the first item that should attract the attention of any future city owner:

QuoteOmni-Tek Corporation - Guide to building Houses (QL 100)

With the recent breakthroughs in bio-mechanics, building your own houses or organization headquarters has become affordable. The Omni-Tek Coropration is always eager to support use of new technologies. This simplified manual guides you through the steps of constructing your organization headquarters and ancillary buildings.

The Regular Building Structure is the base for any kind of house you want to build. It is combined with a floorplan to make the house you desire, or it can be upgraded to fit with more advanced floorplans. Here are the items you need to combine:
1. Generic Volatile Nanobots
2. HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate
3. Generic Organic Immunity System
4. Blueprint - Regular Building Structure.

All the above components can be bought in shops, unless you decide to make them yourselves.The organizaion headquarters, markets, and guard houses require you to upgrade your Regular Building Structure into a Superior Building Structure. This is accomplished by attaching a Bio-Mechanical Computer to a Regular Building Structure. Bio-Mechanical Computers can be constructed by experts in Pharmacy and Chemistry. The components for this item include a substance made from the tissues of several animals found on Rubi-Ka and a Bio-Mechanical AI.  

Rumor has it that alien type Bio-Mechanical Computers also can be used. Finally, the Superior Building Structure is combined with the advanced floorplan of your choice.

The Shoppe

There is one man you will want to see for all your building needs. Unzle Bazzit. Now please don't ask me why he's the one selling all the stuff you need to build houses, but he is. His shop is in Meetmedere (MMD), and if you are standing in the middle of the town near the grid terminal, you are standing right outside his shop.

Note that he is not a man of tidyness and to cover up for it he has next to no lighting in his place, but the vendors are big brownish cubes located in the corners. They look suspiciously like the Fixer Shop near Borealis, now we know who built that. And if you fear gankers hanging out again in this little town - they are out of luck. Bazzit's first job after returning home was to turn up the suppression gas to 75%.

There are several vendors around, selling floor plans, various town decoration, and the "Miscellany" vendor that holds many other nifty things, among them the "Uncle Bazzit's Bio-Mechanical AI" you will need. What for? Read on ....

How to make a Bio-Mechanical Computer

Now, the department of weird inventions came up with this nifty item to enable us to build the Superior Building Structures. This is what we've all been lacking the past year - a simple thing made of awkward ingredients that no one ever thought would mix, or even make sense.

Here's the shopping list, and no, I've not been smoking weed again:

Once you have all these weird stuff, here's the recipee:

Combine the Unrefined Notum Salt with the Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg to get a Mutating Giant Cirop Egg. This step takes 400 Pharma Tech to accomplish.

Combine the Slow-Killing Poison with the Mutating Giant Cirop Egg to get a Poisoned Giant Chirop Egg.

Now you need a Basic Bio-Comminutor of at least QL 80 to combine it with this Poisoned Giant Chirop Egg and you will get a Mutating Bio Pulp. 400 Chemistry needed for this step.

Next, you use the Uncle Bazzit's Bio-Mechanical AI on the Mutating Bio Pulp and you have your Bio-Mechanical Computer! 400 QFT needed.

Congratulations, you are now able to build advanced structures - HQ, Market and Guard Houses.

The Buildings

We all have come to like our /org contracts. Now we will also come to like /org city - for it shows what we get for the money. And it's going to be a lot of money. Upkeep, at least for now, is a rip-off. Anyways, house bonusses work like contracts - buffs scale with level. All the buff values I mention apply to a lvl 200 char.


They add 9 to the basic atributes and also 90 to run speed at QL 300 for a Large HQ. Medium HQs add 6 / 60 at QL 300, small ones 3 / 30 at 300. Small HQs start out at QL 1, medium ones at QL 101 and large ones only at 201. Since the Biomechanical computer will probably determine the maximum QL we might not be able to have a big HQ from the beginning.

The HQ is the prerequisite to owning other buildings. The HQ also has a grid entrance. Apart from that, HQs also have different nice rooms. the large HQ  has a tradeskill room - buffs to all tradeskills, locks CompLit - a conference room, a large guild meeting hall and a bar. Also there is an appearance change thingie that costs 100 mil to use.

Large HQs take 4x4 squares, someone please tell me how much the others take up as I could not check it. Note that in a small base you might not be able to build large HQ and ECM tower - in this case I'd advise you to opt for the ECM and go with a smaller HQ. Small HQ size is 3x3.

Grid House

Apart from buffing Computer Literacy (54 for QL 300), this building enables gridding to the city in the same way as you would grid to your controller.

It takes 1 square to build. I'd advise you to not build the grid house right next to the controller as you might get aggroed by aliens the moment you're gridding in.

Guard House

A necessary building, spawning heavy-armed guards who will hold up the aliens until you can marshall your own troops to defend. Guards are unable to defend a city alone for long, but they are sure a help.

It takes 1 square to build and I'd recommend to you have one.

Notum Mining Operations

Now, this building already has the big letters BUFF written on it. A QL 300 building will add 36 to all nanoskills. It has no other functions.

It takes 2x2 squares to build. You know you want one.

Notum Silo

A nice building to have, giving a 36 NanoDelta and -6% NanoCost at QL 300. The fun part is - this building can be entered, and it is a 0% suppression gas area! Arena fighting, or just sparring - this is where you do it, without the fear of gankers around.

It takes 3x3 squares to build. Nice to have but not a must if you ask me.

Landing Pad

Now, you can of course use it to park your Yalmaha - and those new ones are surely precious to show off. But the main advantage of this is - it also gives you a boost to the skills needed for it. 54 to all vehicle skills and Map Navigation at QL 300. If you are running out of space, this would be the first to go in my oppinion. Nice to have, but not necessary.

It takes 2x2 squares to build.

Satellite Uplink

This building adds no buffs. But you know you want it, cause this tower enables scanning of your surrounding, giving you warning messages when an alien attack will occur. It's only a 5-minute-warning, but more than nothing!

1 square to build - and a must-have!

ECM Tower

One of the biggest buildings, and many land areas are too small to place it. But this is one of the most important items to have on the base. It lowers the chance of an alien attack - and by turning the ECM off it more or less "spawns" an attack within an hour.

One of the biggest buildings ingame - takes 3x3 squares. A must-have - if your land can support it!


Now, this is something we've waited for. The ability to have a shop and sell stuff to other players. Basic, Advanced and Superior shops are available, their difference being mainly the size of the shop and the number of vendors. The superior shop has 120 vendors.

Regardless of inside size, they all take 2x2 squares. And for now they serve no purpose. Wait for a patch.

Swimming Pool

From the outside, arguably an ugly building, in tune with the Mining Operations and the Notum Silo. The architect of this building was designing bunkers before he turned to city-scaping. But once inside, you will be amazed. This building truely looks awesome! Apart from that, it also adds 50ish to both Body Dev and Swimming. No exact numbers here since they changed it.

A large building, taking 3x4 squares. If you are low on space you might consider not building one, then again, it's a must-have if you are a social or RP org.

Streetwalk Cafe

Pure social - the place to hang out and wait for those aliens to come.

It takes up 2x2 squares.

Sky Bar

Purely social as well - and so far only a fancy item since you cannot enter it. But once it's open you will be able to party in the sky, higher than a yalm can fly.

This one takes 1x2 squares.


Apart from the grid, there's wompahs to several of our favorite bars: Reet's, Neuters, Rompah. After fending off the aliens, this is the place to chill out and talk about your heroic deeds. Or something.

They need 1 square.


And if your city doesn't appeal to you yet with all those buildings in it, you can still place trees, statues, lamp posts and benches.

These take mini-squares to build and can be placed on the margins around  the buildings.