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Quests / Area 13 Guide
April 05, 2005, 09:27:27 pm
I think it's possible that you need to make sure that the last bar or
two of the general's health goes fast, cause I think he spawns adds
faster when he's close to death, and only stops spawning them when
he's dead. A good tank team and kill team should be fast enough, with
other teams still working on the adds. I think I've only been on one raid
here that went bad due to adds, and that time there were a *lot* more
adds than the other times I've been there.

Also, the successful raids that I've been on have been slightly different
than described above. We call in the troopers before engaging the
shielded aliens. The troopers engage the shielded aliens and then we
have a puller pull the support aliens out for the group to kill. I think there
are 4 supports. After they die, we wait a few minutes (5ish?) for the
shields to go down from the other aliens and then kill them. I think
that epsilon purge no longer works for stripping the shields, as of a
few patches ago.

The biological transceiver appears underneath the body of an alien
called something like Security Sergeant. It looks like a Hacker'Uri.
It seems to show up with a bunch of other aliens after the shielded
aliens aren't shielded any more. I'm not sure what the exact trigger is.
Quests / Area 35 Guide
April 05, 2005, 09:15:41 pm
The aliens try to destroy the towers, btw. If they destroy all the towers,
a huge number of aliens spawns. A small raid (23 people or so) got wiped
out by this on RK 1 last night or so.

Might be a good source of axp if you can bring enough firepower and
are willing to do without the boss loot. I don't expect that any group
that can meet the first condition will be willing to meet the second.
If someone were to kill off the big wave, I wonder what, if anything,
would come after.
Tradeskills / Okay probably a dumb question.
September 26, 2004, 05:11:43 am
I would guess it has to be close in ql. A friend was unable to upgrade
a rifle because of qls being too far apart. Not sure what the numbers
Tradeskills / Belt Component Platform 6K-X
September 26, 2004, 04:59:49 am
I'm excited about belts being tradeskillable!

Also, Hildegaard mentioned Curse the Watcher.
I feel like most people don't know what this is for, so I figured I'd
post this in case anyone is curious.

CtW is used for the quest to get the Ergo ring to go from Adonis to
Penumbra. Almost no one does this quest because you can get into
Pen for free at level 160. Curse the Watcher has no effect on most
mobs, but cripples the last mob you have to fight for the quest.
There are similar items for earlier zones, called Bane of the