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Chat and OCC / Countdown to server opening...
September 01, 2004, 07:01:53 pm
You didnt expect to get the server working at 6 pm ECT did ya?  :lol:

The one nearest to guess the opening from atlantean downloading server gets 5 mils, sponsored by Vorteks inc! :P  (you need to be on atlantean of course)

The form must be **h**mn ECT. Sorry, i ll be the only one able to check at what time it starts...on my comp  :?
I guess that s the thread every body is expecting...so let s start it and wait for the information from...more experienced players  :lol:

Ok you need 3 parts that you find on mid level mobs (ql 150sh) : eggs, salt and poison. You need a bio commutator to combine with the result. Then you need to combine the new result with the hq floor plans. You need chemistry, quantum physics and pharmacy to combine them.

Dont hesitate to correct me and detail these informations : accurate names, locations, lvl of skills needed...

At least i started the threazd!  :oops:

To be continued...