Cannister of Powder

Started by Helgaiden, October 07, 2004, 03:23:46 am

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I have some assorted items, one being Cannister of Powder (all alien general loot) and i want to know what its for. I dont suppose this turns to the stuff to make DeValos sleeves?

Ill get around to the other stuff when i can. For sure, i know where is a Biotech rod thing too.


the cannister of powder is not used for anyting atm, maybe its just alien vendor food.

For D´sleeves you need powered viral bots!

The "Biotech rod thing" can be used to make a biotech rod ring.


aw damn, i was gonna steal the powder from bro's sol and sell it and make phat creds. but its only the crappy canister. Im sad now.

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