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New Yalm upgrade kits, and the Final QL of the yalm.

Started by Krause, September 02, 2004, 10:28:19 pm

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Anyone have any idea yet what decids the final ql of the new yalms? if it has Anything to do with the ql of the yalm u upgrade, then its on some TS puuch system (before nerf :P) where it has nothig to do with "higher lvl = higher lvl new yalm"

some people used 81 veh req yalms and got ql 300 some used 180 somethig req ons and gotten lower.

thats all i know right now :/



Any news where the Pearl, Obsidian and Dusk kits are?


Quote from: "Jupiterjazz"Any news where the Pearl, Obsidian and Dusk kits are?
I asked the dev that was at Dragon Con about that, and he said that they're not ingame.  Apparently they never got them working, there was some problem where the model wouldn't be applied but the texture would, resulting in a weird-looking player that couldn't fly.


yes i am interset to find out how can i make a ql 300 one...

if any1 knows


I think comp literacy determines it somehow.  Orgmate didn't have the req to combine the kit with his yalm (750 cl), imped it so he had just barely over, and got a ql 201 yalm.  I don't really have the resources or desire to test this too much...