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Location of NPC's for AI Quests

Started by herodotus2, September 02, 2004, 01:41:29 pm

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All information is extracted from existing posts.

Uncle Bazzit

Commander Ken Ash/Ash (?)
Omni Trade ( below banner that says Omni-Trans )

Old Athen's ( Same NPC for fixer fgrid quest )

Master Divenchi
Wailing Wastes, Andromeda, Newland Desert

Herbalist Geralt
2812x1676 Newland Desert
Newland Desert 2815x1680 (Rhino Camp)

Penelopez Magistrale
801.9, 2319.2 Newland Desert

1144x388 Newland Desert

Simon Stark
1155x1747 Newland Desert

Gilbert Glove
3110x550 Newland Desert

Scientist Maud Stevens
360x405 In Borealis (up by the Radar Dish)

Misa Ramirez
Newland City Neuts r' us

Newland City Neuts r' us

Imelda Dane
Newland City Neuts r' us

Ethel Anthony
Newland Desert Whompah (Near Reclaim Terminal)

Ergo Red
Rising Sun in Wartonvalley/Aegean

Hammer Beast
Southern Foul Hills
NW Corner -- 702 X 3348

Vulture Feuder
SFH Again
Center of the map, 1/3 of the way down
Near a new City
1742 X 2460

Monolith Blubbag
Pleasant Meadows
2077 X 2393

Grass Snake
Zone out of Omni Entertainment
To Omni Forest
250 X 2695

Dr Krank
2965 x 1315, CAV

Zibell the Wanderer
Pos: 3431.6, 2649.1, 20.1, Area: The Great Bulk. UTC: Fri Sep 03 06:02:09 2004 northeast CAV village by river

Inspector Marciello
Pos: 1592.8, 2816.3, 31.7, Area: Meetmedere Forest. UTC: Fri Sep 03 13:28:31 2004


Gilbert Gloves sends you on a mission to find a machine or computer in Belial forest.... anyone found that one yet?


Scientist Maud Stevens

360x405 In Borealis (up by the Radar Dish)


No info on machine in Belial Forest yet?
I searched a bit myself, but nothing at the marked POI's.

Edit: OMG silly me.... I just notice that this mission can be uploaded with coords.


I posted a full guide on the social clothing quest on the ao forums here




Courtesy of Youny of ..:Nordic Alliance:.. think she made it, so i dun wanna take the honors  :D  but yes it is very nice...


Kick that:

Main Char: Brockouse - Config - Perk Config


maybe a stupid question, but where can I find rollerrat?


I think Borealis back yards are probably the easiest place to find lots of rollerats.


all the backyards, omni-forrest, harrys, tir county, etc have contagious rollerrats or diseased rollerrats, or something rollerrat. Were can I find a plain rollerrat?


There are 'Rollerrats' in clan backyard for what I know.
I've also spotted them in Athen Shire and West Athen (near that rattail-guy, Tirgo or Tirbo or whats his name)
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