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Infos needed for Uncle Bazzit Quest

Started by Klinos, September 02, 2004, 10:02:26 am

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Hi, i am trying to do the Uncle Bazzit quest but i can't find Omni Trans...
Can someone tell me where can i find him/her/it plz ?  :wink:

Thanx  :)


You will not find Omni Transport, but there is one Commander (Ash or something) in Omni Trade district. If youre clan beware; he's lethal if you get too close. I found him on the W side of the city.

When you target him, your quest will complete, and you return to the Vanguard Commander in OA. You hand him your scanning device, and the quest updates again; however, he does not tune the gun for you.

Instead he says something about you having to figure the tuning requency yourself, and return to him when done. There is no hint at where or how you should do this. Returning to Deirdre Lux does apparently not help. This is about where I got stumped last night before I went to bed - will investigate more today.



Hmm, not sure about Omni Trans...

So far I have obtained the Unknown Device from Bazzit, then taken it to Deirdre Lux as instructed.  After that, although the mission updates (next step is to deliver a gun somewhere, which Deirdre gives you) I was not told who to talk to nor where to find them.  Someone in guild also had this problem at an earlier stage, directly after talking to Bazzit (ie Deirdre's location did not update to map).  Bit strange, that.

However, a friendly soul told me that you need to talk to Ramon Bauer, who hangs about next to the grid in Old Athens.  Is this info correct, or should we be trying to find a Vanguard Commander as Smen suggests?
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Sry I was inaccurate - as far as I gather, Ramon Bauer is a Vanguard Commander.

It was anyway him I spoke to (just could not remember the name at the time). He sends you off to target the Commander in Omni Trade; and when you return to him he asks you to figure out a tuning frequency by yourself before he will tune the gun for you.



Hard to talk to them since i am Omni ;)


Hmm; then I think that you'll have an Omni-sided NPC you are supposed to talk to :)



Ok, I'll do a run down walk through of the quest as much as i can remember off the top of my head.

Visit Bazzit in MMD.

Talk to him about a weapon upgrade of some kind. He also gives you the structural device.

Take that to the  in Stret West Bank

she says she can give you information but you have to run an errand for her first.

Of course you accept and she hands you a gun with a bad frequency.
She tells you that she needs it re-tuned by omni-Trans.

If you are omni or travel through omni-trade quite a bit you will notice right above the save terminal by the statue in the middle of trade there is a banner that sas omni-trans.

Under that banner should reside the commander kend ash or wha tever.

But of course SHE wants you to do something for her first as well.

(Ok im a bit fuzzy on what she wants you to do because i think im getting it mixed up with a few other things).

Anyways once you complete what ash wants, return to her and she will tune the gun. The frequency that i needed was like .000022 or something like that. If you mess up you can go back to the chick in SWB and she will give you another gun.

After all this you show her the structural thing and she says that she has a friend who can help with information on it (ofoz).

But first you have to prove yourself by completling 3 different tasks.
(Also you will need a hacking tool for this part...go buy one in the store or whatever)

The first one is to target different cyborgs. 2 of these cyborgs are in PW in the nw corner where the cyborg base is. The 3rd is a unique mob int he cyborg barracks, prototype inferno.

Once that is done return to her and she will tell you about a vanguard key or somethign or other. I think the mission is in efp. I gridded out there and grabbed the key (It's inside a mission!!!!! not out anywhere).

The 3rd task was to hack into a node and wipe bazzit's record off of the node. this is a repair mission i believe.

Once you are inside the mission  and have lovcated the node talk to it like you would an NPC.

It will ask  you some things:


Choose run and then the first option (not port scan).

I chose node 20 and it worked. it will do some stuff then it will ask you about who you want to look up or something. choose uncle bazzit and go to PERGE not delete. (somewhere in the middle of that i think you have to use the key but im not sure)

After that is done return to the chick in SWB and she will give you, your affiliation card. she also says she doesnt have an ymore information and that you would need to contact ofoz.

Ok I had no clue where he was at first and had to ask for help. He is in borealis. near the fair trade (in a little corner/niche by "Arms and stuff").

He asks you to find a node or whatever and some other things. Complete his mission and he will say that you need to contanct  Sirocco.

Ok, new update i remember'd who he was. Got o old athen's and head west. there is a strip of land across the water. Sirocco is on there. (He starts the fixer grid 2 quest)

He asks for your hacker club affiliate card.  Give him the card. then ask him that you are there to learn more about the structural thing.

Then after some more dialogue he wants to see the tool. He tells you to find dr. krank.....and thats what im on so far. unfortunately one of the vanguards followed me all the way across old athens and killed me in mid conversation so i have to redo the entire thing. So if someone wants to finish this off go for it.

Also noted...... "the aliens are weakened by chemical injected into their bloodstream."

Look for the quest for the guy that is near dr van horn in newlands desert!


Additional Information for the Vanguard Node:

First thing you do is hand that node your hacked access key. Then link to node 20 and list the accounts. Then choose PURGE. And do not forget to print a log of it, cause you need to show this to the girl in SWB.
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Anyone figured out how to get rid of Dr. Krank yet?


Posted by Nizno on Clan Leader channel just now:

[Clan leaders] Nizno: Hey folks, This is Nizno from Funcom QA.  Just wanted to spread the word:  If you have members having issues with the Bazzit quest where they need to move Dr Krank, they should talk to Dodga and try to get an Omni-tek transfer form which might persuade Krank to move out =).
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Once you get the tag quest from Eco Red at Rising Sun in Aegean, he asks you to tag...

Hammer Beast
Southern Foul Hills
NW Corner -- 702 X 3348

Try a BackYard :)

Vulture Feuder
SFH Again
Center of the map, 1/3 of the way down
Near a new City
1742 X 2460

Monolith Blubbag
Pleasant Meadows
2077 X 2393

Grass Snake
Zone out of Omni Entertainment
To Omni Forest
250 X 2695

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After that you need to talk to Zibell, he's in extreme NE CAV, on most maps

then you need to talk to Alvin or Dodga, and get an omni tek transer request form thing

then head over to dr krank (2965 x 1315, CAV)

give him the transer request so he'll move his ass, then head back to zibell, give him the analyzer

then head back to dr krank and give him the analyzer, he'll give you some bio stuff thats useless apparently

then head back to uncle bazzit for that crap belt that guy posted earlier... :(


rofl, 7 hours questing for a nodrop belt with 5 slots
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