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Generic Organic Immunity System

Started by Ninj00, September 02, 2004, 12:11:11 am

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Generic Organic Immunity System  seems to be the item determining, is anyone aware of an ability to  create Generic Organic Immunity System  or upgrade their quality?

If not , alot will be camping the shop untill ql 200+ shows up :\


There be rumors that the high ql ones can be made off Parts dropping from aliens

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Rumors only, but we don't have much to go off. What sucks is that people are being forced to build small HQs. In order to make a large you need to demolish the small. Then you won't be able to build for 24 hours. Of course 24 hours without an HQ and no more city, so people are prolly gonna have to buy their cities twice...yay?

If I'm wrong someone please correct me, I would love to be wrong in this case.

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What's the highest QL you've seen in the shop in MMD? QL63 for me, so could only make a small org HQ so far.
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That's the highest I've even heard of.

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I don't know where this 24 hour rumor came from. As far as I know, you can demonlish, and rebuild within 12 hours. You only lose land after 12 hours if no new HQ is put up.


What about the other buildings already built when u destroy your HQ ?
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If you destroy your HQ, all buildings will go boom. The description on the City Controller says so.


i find that a bit unfair that all buildings must be destroyed it costs enough to keep the land never mind to keep rebuilding as soon as you rebuild your HQ..

Its a shame you can not just upgrade the HQ and have a building site for a few mins would save guilds money ! but thats 2 much of an idea for fc


Isn't it possible to place a second, larger HQ before destroying the smaller one? That would avoid the problem of losing the land or having the entire place go boom.


It has been confirmed that the high QL Organic Immunity System is a drop from Alien Bosses. That's where the first org to have a Large HQ got it from.
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Aleph that guide wasn't exactly clear on what to use for higher quality stuff.

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Clump of bio-matter + structural analyzer = Viral Serum (sometimes), same QL as the clump.

Manteze Scout Nasal Membrane + bio-communitor = pulp.

Viral Serum + pulp = Generic Immunity System, QL = QL of Viral Serum.

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