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Philip Ross's announcement day before AI

Started by eeky, September 01, 2004, 02:57:21 pm

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For those who missed it, a Philip Ross hologram gave the following message in Old Athens, Rome and Newland:

A message flashes up in your NCU with a middle aged gentleman, you recognise him as Philip Ross
Philip Ross: Good evening fellow inhabitants of Rubi-Ka.
Philip Ross: I come to you this evening with grave news.
Philip Ross: A hostile enemy force from a race we have not yet encountered has arrived in near planet orbit.
Philip Ross: They have NOT come in peace and mean to take our homes away from us through violent means.
Philip Ross: Omni-Tek has been aware of this pending invasion for some time and we have been taking steps to prepare for the defense of the planet.
Philip Ross: This message was triggered to auto run if any of these enemy ships breach our outer planetary security defenses, as I could not keep the population ignorant of this danger.
Philip Ross: It is with a sad heart that I find myself off planet speaking to the Board of Directors on Omni Prime about the continuing defense of this planet we all call home.
Philip Ross: But my friends, we shall be strong and def...
Static fills the air around you as the transmission ends
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I bet Mr. Ross has hoofed it by now...  :shock:

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He's on another planet discussing things :)

Anyhow, I think tapping notum in the Shadowlands pissed off the aliens, cause we messed with thee source of life. That's all of our faults, gotta try and work together on this cause the aliens ain't just gonna go away in a year or something they are here to stay.

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