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January 28, 2022, 12:24:21 am

Downtime for AI patch

Started by herodotus2, August 31, 2004, 07:20:33 pm

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Quote from: "khalem"For now the plan is to take the servers down at 8am GMT and estimated downtime is 8 hours.


Looks like FunCom are patching according to my workschedule  8)

Start patching as I go to work and give me 1 hour to install and patch up when I get home!  :o

Just hope for a smooth patch today so we can all get into the alien vibe without too much hassle!

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Downtime F.A.Q. - 15.6.4 (September 10th)

When does the downtime start?
7 am (07:00) East Coast USA
11 am (11:00) UTC/GMT
12 pm (noon) Great Britain
1 pm (13:00) Central Europe

When are the servers open again?
The estimated downtime is ~5 hours. Thus the servers should be up at
12 pm (noon) East Coast USA
4 pm (16:00) UTC/GMT
5 pm (17:00) Great Britain
6 pm (18:00) Central Europe