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January 29, 2022, 03:19:23 am

E3 screenshots

Started by Khalem, May 14, 2004, 05:46:14 pm

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I cant recognise anything useful from that pictures.
This pics look like as if FC have AO elements transferred into some new enviroment.
No real Information is included in there. If i build my Org Headquarter nearby Tir grid, what would it look like? Gimme pics of single Buildings, like "this is the Main Building" or "this is a Defense Turret, mountet on the Wall which protects the Org headquarter". Lemme see some peoples in new Clothes.
Give me some usable Information pls =)


Well, what's information anyway at this stage....

But at least it looks really cool. And at long last SF-like again.


Agree, Mad....I´m also missing the new Miir-Collection. If Miir were in business nowadays, they`d be out of it since...well...14.0?

Anyone an idea, where the Town-Screenies were taken? Player-Created HQ´s ? Or just a graphic-designers` dream of what AO could look like?

Or...will the Vanguards rebuild the ruines of northeastern Old Athen? *g*
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Miir would still be in Business. Its the only Company making Clothes =)

btw: so many People from rubi 3 here.
We´ll Flood the Forum =)


I wanna have the pink yalm!

And some new garbs are more than necessary - can't stand my old outfits anymore. And then everybody looks alike....

@ Alina - I think its player towns, but probably for orgs like storm with over a 1000 players, can't imagine a small org being able to afford something like this...


I agree some more info rather then showoff would be nice, but omg, it looks so great :D
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Quote from: "madman123456"Miir would still be in Business. Its the only Company making Clothes =)

Nope, Mad...some of the stuff in the Clothes-Terminals in the Shops isn`t Miir-Labelled...these are special Aid-Imports for the Neuts...they`d have nothing to dress elsehow *g*

And...why "So many from RK3 here"....YOU posted the Link ;)
Fex-queen of RK3...nobody knows, nobody cares :)


heh heh=)
Now my evil Plan starts to work :p