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Resources for city building - names & drop locations

Started by Friregan, September 02, 2004, 09:42:12 am

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Fertilized Giant Chirop Egg from a Giant Chirop
  • Clondyke, south of the reservoir
  • Aegen SW and SE corners
  • Varmit woods
  • NE in Pleasant Meadows
  • NE in Wailing Wastes
  • Street West Bank 2001.1, 1828.9
  • "Monster Pit" Pleasant Meadows, 3150 2500

Slow-Killing Poison from a Scarlatina Omus
  • Mort
  • Central Artery Valey 946.8, 1858.8

Unrefined Notum Salt from a Salt Worm
  • In a valley of sorts NE of Broken Shores wompah.
  • Perpetual Wasteland 408.9, 1503.7

Rollerrat Queen Blood from a Rollerrat Queen
  • Aegean 1865.7, 2776.6, 13.6, Area: Delirium
  • Wailing Wastes, 2350 970 - leads to a tunnel into the mountain
  • Stret West Bank

Basic Bio-Comminutor of at least QL 80 (Bazzit's Miscellany - MMD)
Uncle Bazzit's Bio-Mechanical AI (Uncle Bazzit Miscellany - MMD)

Feel free to post other drop locations (and more accurate locations inside zones) and items. I try to keep 1st post updated.


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