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Alien Probe = instant PVP flag

Started by Hildegaard, October 23, 2004, 06:19:34 pm

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That's right.

But it's a one use item...

And it's got that weird "Can be Looted" flag, so dont carry a stack.
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I guess it can be build because you posted in the Tradeskill Forum?
So why don't you tell how to make it? ;)
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I posted here because I didnt know where else to post, and also because we were just discussing this item
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Alien probes is a quest reward.
I got the quest from a NPC in Rhinoman camp (dont remember the name). The quest is just to kill 4 aliens that he spawns and the reward is 30 alien probes.

Maybe you can get or make em elsewhere but this is the only way i know.


Anyone actually have a probe?? and if yes, where do i get it :S
was looking around in Rhino Camps, but only found other quests..



Can you give us specifics on where/who please? :)


He was standing next to the herbalist in rhinocamp and despawned right after the mish was completed. If he spawns at the same place or he spawns on a different location next time i dont know. I have only found him one time.


Zeca I don't believe a word you are saying, you just want attention?


The Tinfoil npc has been seen in EFP too outside OE/OI, you get quest -> kill a bunch aliens and get a stack of those Probes...


can anyone else confirm any other areas where hes spawned?


Quote from: "Dyna18"Zeca I don't believe a word you are saying, you just want attention?


gimme a tell ingame and i will show you. I still got 5-6 left i think.


Saw the guy in OA couple weeks ago, some omni guy killed him though :S