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Inside the alien ship

Started by Gellex, October 09, 2004, 12:12:49 am

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We have a big problem with this:
the lift leads to rooms filled with aliens
they aggro really easy
is it common to kill Admiral? because we never get to fight him
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send the tanks up first, hopefully you hvae some soldiers and have them cast tms before they go up.  Sometimes if you all go up and just attack the one target that agroed the tank you can fight for a good bit without gettting 5 or 6 on you.

If you cant avoid getting agg from multiple aliens all at once, make sure you've got mezzers working at the aliens, healers doing their job, and tanks casting single taunts on the ones that wont mezz.  If worse comes to worse you can all jump down the lift again and reorganise yourself.  The most important thing when going up a lift is to remember to get OFF the lift when you go up, just like in missions :)

Thats all I can think of that might help you guys out


Normally we have the tanks go up and mongo' / TMS with healers and adventurers going up close 2nd to heal the tanks :D

Normally we do a short count down as well before zoning so that people all know when to zone.


Thanks, good and common sense tips. Will take those in use next time
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Yep... same. I usually head up, AMS, get 1 target. Shout for rest to come, they assist.

Then Jocelyn our most insanely uber crat mezzes the other adds, and the doc(s) chime in to keep us alive.

Lately, we've lucked out with zoning into hallways with only 1-3 adds. Long as the raidgroup listens and stays near the lift but doesn't block it/back into a door to make 5-6 more come out to play, we're just fine.

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I've been playing my crat at raids more, and letting somebody else doc.

The good old Contemplation and Disrupted Psyche seem to work very well.

If nothing else, the AOE mezzes stop the damn Zix in their tracks.

We did a raid last night in which the General was accompanied by two very high level "Honor Guard Uri" mobs.

Now here's the interesting part. I could calm them with Contemplation, but as long as they were close to the General, he would frequently do something that uncalmed them, and made them not be calmable for 3-5 seconds (I got a "better nanoprogram running" message). Although he seemed to only be able to do this "uncalm" on one of his Honor Guards at a time.

Now. At one point, Varmintia (my Crat 213) had aggro from an Honor Guard. So she ran about 30-40 meters away, pulling the HG after her, and then calmed it. This HG then sat there calmed for the rest of the fight.

So perhaps this is a technique. Separate the Gemeral from his HG's, and see if that doesn't stop him uncalming them.
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Another helpful thing is to have engis run blind auras, if you have no mezzers present. (breaks their mezz and pisses them off if you do) Though the huge ams debuff it casts on the aliens doesn't help against nukes, they'll all have a much harder time hitting your group.  Just keep people on one target so they don't break the blind, and you're in much better shape.

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All in all, it's about teamwork and everyone knowing what to do. I'm usually the doc, the enf usually keeps agg rather niceley, so I just heal heal heal. We've actually killed the last boss a couple times now.

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