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October 01, 2020, 02:39:47 pm


Started by Colle, October 06, 2004, 01:38:54 pm

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where is buy Yalmaha 29600??????


wow! it's ages since I had one of those :D

If memory serves me correctly their is a specialist shop in Tir ( very NW of the map ). Not so great if your Omni :(

I believe there are also shops in Borealis that sell them.

However just visiting any specialist store you should be able to eventually find one.


Neutral, (those well-intentioned souls unto whom the Truth has not yet been revealed )

Specialist Shop in Borealis (south end of the row of three shops, go north from the Newland/Stret wompas)

Specialist Shop in 20K (can't think how to describe this location)

Specialist shop just down the road from grid term at Harry's

Specialist Shop in Newland City


Omni-Tek, (those who guard civilisation against the barbaric, unwashed hordes of darkness and ignorance)

Shops to either side of the Jobe Wompa in Rome Green

Shops in the equivalent geographical position in Rome Blue

Shops just south of Ent BB
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Buy Kit Yalmaha 29610 in Bizzit Shop!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yalmaha 29610 Kit + Yalmaha 29468= OK