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The New armors

Started by Ninj00, October 03, 2004, 08:05:37 pm

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Cant beleive nobody has posted a thread , lets get some screenshots of the full suits of  new armors.  I know you uber rk1 dudes have it :O


that is because they are soo hard to get and take way too long.  :wink:

Signature by me. Aspiring graphical artist, send PM  if you want one ;).


All I've been able to get so far are Combined Scout's boot & pants...and the meshes don't match (not on a Solitus female anyway).

My goal is to make a complete set someday, but I've got quite a ways to go before that'll be accomplished, and I'd guess that by then I'll have outgrown the ql 220 pieces that I have now..


Hello :)
It's a pity this forum seem much less active that it was :/ It's still a good reference about AI informations.


I'm very interested too in finding screenshots of finished alien armors.
So here is the first screenshot i did :


thx if anyone can add more ;)