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Watch yourself on the official forums

Started by Hildegaard, September 30, 2004, 03:16:53 am

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Watch yourself on the official forums. CZ is in "strict" mode lately.

I guess his bosses lit his tailfeathers on fire, because he's closing threads left and right, nuking posts, and he even "jokingly" threatened to ban some of us because he didn't like our suggestions for the name of the new forum, (currently called "Aliens and the City")

This isn't a slam of CZ. I'm sure he's under orders.
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Censorship will just result in people moving to other places to voice their oppinions.
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This account was cancelled at: 2004-09-16

Reason: Patch 15.6.5

And patch 16.6.6 is just an appeasement, it's done little to correct the problems and imbalances created.


Bye-bye, Daimoness.

I am very sorry to see you go :(

There are all too few of us old-school players left
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I quit for a while because of that patch too, they completely screwed my character. Funcom went down about 5 notches that day and has failed to reclaim them as of yet.

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