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City Posters & Billboards

Started by Tsun, September 26, 2004, 12:47:00 pm

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Hiya people,

Seen many many pictures of AI, mainly from the AO website - the buildings and cities appear to have have Posters, billboards - Scolling boards - general adertisements (just double checked some picks - definatly seen 3 Yalm Ads on the side of 1 Large HQ..) slapped on the side of buildings that make it look like New York... - Dunno about u but i want some of it for my guilds City!

Anyone know how/where this stuff comes from?  Checked out other forums and knowledge bases everywhere - i know im muppet but so far ive still come up empty handed :) Also checked

Anyone got any info on these?  Im tryin to find a specific, good picture as an example.

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It's easy - just get a GM to spawn you some :p

Or use Photoshop to insert it in the pics later.  :roll:

But definitely you cannot buy them.
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