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Started by herodotus2, May 14, 2004, 04:45:47 pm

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Well following on from The Shadowlands Library Forum I thought I would continue the tradition with the Alien Invasion boards. A big thanks to Khalem of shadow-realm. org for providing hosting again

At the moment I'm just going to add news and screenshots as the expansion isn't due for release until fall this year.

I hope once the expansion takes off these forums become as popular as the Shadowlands forums.

Anyway, feel free to browse and add stuff for now.

Kindest Regards,

Herodotus2 :D


And i will as always poke around and be a general nuissiance ;)

-=( Lord "Khalem" Trevallien - Fixer Kingpin
-=( http://ao.shadow-realm.org/ - The Shadowlands Library
-=( http://ai.shadow-realm.org/ - They are here.......


Rawr!  Absolutely awesome start to a site that I'm certain the population of Rubi-Ka will find most valueable in the coming months.


Me the first one from rk3 to be here =)

Me be the 4th lvl 200 adv on rk3, the 2nd 200er in my org.
But now, finally, im the first one from rubi3 on this Site =)


cant wait for AI to get out, hopefully i'll be done in the army before it comes out :D

And cant wait for the first guide to pop up in here!  8)

You've done some great work regarding SL and I dont think it will get any worse regarding AI :)

keep up the good work!

Greets, Banansniffer
Banansniffer - 190 Enf
Bulletter - 124 sol, Bulletteer looted Spirit tech apparatus : Double Barrell ql198 oO
Bananselger - dual wielding shottie twink :)
Bananfix - 51 fix w/mortiig blaster


*spanks Alph with a large goat :idea:  :idea:  :!: *


AO Developer


/me awaits the UFO named Herodotus land on RK

finally got access now, gl with the site mate :)



Just wanted to say something =)


/me hands Mad the "Useless-post-of-the-week-award" :twisted:
Fex-queen of RK3...nobody knows, nobody cares :)


/me giggles... +1 to post count :D


*gives the evil eye to post-farmers*

(+1 post :D)


woohoo, Nice forum hero.

Cant wait for AI, gonna make my anarchy online life much more fun.