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Belt Component Platform 6K-X

Started by Pathom, September 21, 2004, 11:39:30 pm

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Source Analyzer: Belt Component Platform 6K-X Quality level 200 Used in 1 different processes.
Dunno if this is a new tradeskill or just a oldsk00l tradeskill noone ever found out, which ever its new to me.



Whoa. That's interesting...

I have had fun dropping old stuff into the new Tradeskills Panel. It confirms zero tradeskill processes (as either Source or Target) for several things that amused me.

The Tube of Dangerous Matter
The Cold necklace that drops in catacombs
The Nightmare necklace that drop in catacombs

I'll have to test that "Curse the Watcher" thing next time it drops
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Whatever the belt platform tradeskill is, you can do it with a 5 slot too.

Ive tried screwdriver, FQP tool, lockpick, Paper Hammer...
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I can't remembering seeing anything in db that could be finall result from this.....as far as I know all belts are accounted for. Only item not found ingame with any assemlance with NCU is Bodum-Larga NCU
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wasn't that the belt that TK used to drop (can't remember)...
but I'll buy some volatile nanobots when I get home (the stuff from bazzit's shop) and see if is possible to use that :)


reinforced belt, is prolly the result, but i don't think bazzit's shop items are for the process.. (patch says 12.8 on belt)
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Reinforced belt was dropped by TK (and still drops I think).


Reinforced belt is (as far as i know) still dropping from TK, and a veryvery rare mission drop.
Thing thats curious about the belt is it is the source object so its added to something else instead of being upgraded with another object...


a friend of mine looted the reinforced belt 2 days ago. it canalso drops from mission you say? as item from boss, chest, mobs etc. or as reward?
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A little while back a friend looted a belt in a mission from either a chest or mob inside, cant remember exactly which.


I'm excited about belts being tradeskillable!

Also, Hildegaard mentioned Curse the Watcher.
I feel like most people don't know what this is for, so I figured I'd
post this in case anyone is curious.

CtW is used for the quest to get the Ergo ring to go from Adonis to
Penumbra. Almost no one does this quest because you can get into
Pen for free at level 160. Curse the Watcher has no effect on most
mobs, but cripples the last mob you have to fight for the quest.
There are similar items for earlier zones, called Bane of the
214/14 trox ma clanner
Adrenaline Rush


Bane of the Challenger is actually a nano, and casting it enables a special attack...
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its from uncle bazzit's quest. the final reward
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