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Plastic surgery clinic in HQ's

Started by Kishaar, September 15, 2004, 06:45:26 pm

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ok silly question but there are suposed to be plastic surgery clinic in the HQ building , they cost 100 million to use. we have a small HQ and I cant find it so was wondering 1 were it is located or 2 is this only included in the medeum and large HQ or just the large HQ

thanks for any infomation in regards to this      :D
Lady "Kishaar" Blackwood
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If im right, its in Large HQ only. And it cost 50mil, not 100.


You are correct. They appear in the large HQ only. The price has been reduced to 50M. Somebody helpfully surrounded ours with refrigerators so it is harder to find and click on. Two people still managed to lose 50M, though.  :roll:  On the other hand, if you have <50M, you get an error message, so that is protection, of a sort. :D