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Alien NCU bug?

Started by Alien Investigator, September 14, 2004, 03:39:19 am

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Alien Investigator

got alien Viral Memory Storage Unit memory, got buffed/devices/implants to get CL to requisite  level, got alien expertise (device didn't say what level reqired) and couldn't get alien device in. Anyone else have this problem?
Inquiring minds want to know


it depends on the ql of the ncu block. it does most likely need alien techonology expertise 2 or 3
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I've searched the AUNO DB, and AI expertise 1 is required to equip those at QL 1-76.  Between 77-300, it requires AI expertise 2.



Check it out.

According to Auno, even a QL 300 requires AI Exp 2.


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Alien Investigator

got it equipped but went to 3rd level for bazzit quest anyway. No one seems to have figured out if the Viral Data Storage  means anything yet, and no one has given one to bazzit yet.  same is true of the crystal that looks like the start of something for a nano?
Inquiring minds want to know