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Combined armor - Combined quest & tradeskill quide

Started by Nrse, September 12, 2004, 11:20:00 pm

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Ok well Combined armor has been a minor obsession of mine since I learned of its existence.  So I have been scouring the message boards and looking at the database to determine where it drops or how to make it.  Now obviously it is a tradeskill process. The process to make combined armor is very long and involved.  I want to thank in advance Igloo for the social clothing quest guide and Sidy from AI Library for the initial alien armor guide.

Ok well so you want to make some alien armor, well first grab your Yalm make sure you got enough gas and plenty of time.  This first part of our journey takes us to Newland where we meet up with Master Divenchy (Master Divenchy is located in Newland at 900 x 860, near the crash site north of the lake).  You now have to do the social clothes quest.  This is long and fairly borning and requires lots of travel and in general time.  You will need to do each quest 2 times.  However the Anti-Perspiring padding you need to do 4 times and the Biomesh you need to do 14 times (light Biomesh 6 times, regulated light Biomesh 2 time, heavy Biomesh 4 times and Regulated Heavy Biomesh 2 times).  The reason being is that you will need to complete sets of the basic social clothes.  

Here is Igloo’s guide to the social clothes:

Here’s a list of everything you need.

Light Bio Mesh â€" Used for making gloves and sleeves
Regulated Light Bio Mesh - Used for making cloaks and headwear
Heavy Bio Mesh â€" Used for making boots
Regulated Heavy Bio Mesh - Used for making vests and legs
Anti-Perspiring Padding â€" Used for making sleeves
Sensitive Cybernetic Fingertips â€" Used for making gloves
Hair Care Contraption â€" Used for making headwear
Transparent Thermostatic Vest â€" Used for making vest and cloak
Antiseptic Protector â€" Used for making leg wear
Multi-grip Soles â€" Used for making boots
Body Heat Pattern Analyzer â€" Used on the Bio Mesh so that it can be combined with the other parts. Some pieces do not need to be regulated. It appears that only pants/vest/cloak need to be regulated.

So now you may be wondering where in the world am I supposed to get all of this stuff. Well just so happens that Divenchy gives you some clues. First talk to him about making the Bio Mesh. He will ask if you want to make light or heavy. If you choose light he will give you a Meta Roentgen scanner and tell you to scan 2 Iguanas and 1 Monitor. If you choose the heavy, he will tell you to scan 3 Iguanas and 3 Monitor. **When tagging the lizards, you must tag Iguana first then Monitor, then Ig, then Morn, etc** These can be found just south of Divenchy. **You can tag the same Ig/Mor as long as you do it in the right order. Rooting/Calms can speed this process** That’s the easy part, now its time to track down some NPCs.

Following is a list of NPCs locations and what they give you.

Mary-Ann -1440x380, Newland (Shop on Dovves) â€" Gives you Thermo Vest
Simon Stark â€" 1150x1750, Newland Desert (Guard Post on Dovves) â€" Gives you Antiseptic padding
Herbalist Gerard â€" 2800x1670, NLD (Rhino Valley on Dovves) â€" Gives you extract of Bodan-Minor
Gilbert â€" 3110x550, NLD â€" Gives you mission for Cybernetic Fingertips
Fritz â€" Neuters ‘R Us, Newland City â€" Gives you Hair Care Contraption
Penelope â€" 790x2310, NLD â€" Gives you Multi-grip Soles
Inspector Marciello â€" Grid exit MMD â€" Gives you Body Heat Pattern Analyzer

Secondary NPCs

Maud Stevens - 355x400, Borealis (slightly NW of fixer shop)
brb - 400x320, NLC
[b]Ethel Anthony - 2170x1550, NLD (next to the Newland Desert whompas)
Misa Ramirez - Neuters 'R Us, NLC
Good Time Party Mixer - Outside Neuters 'R Us, NLC
Imelda Dane - Neuters 'R Us, NLC

Ok now you know who gives what, so onto the questing.

Herbalist Gerard â€" Talk to Divenchy about the Anti-Perspiring Padding. He will talk about Herbalist Gerard. Fly to Herbalist Gerard and give him 1000 credits. He will give you Extract of Bodan-Minor. Take this extract back to Divenchy (You have about 15min). Divenchy will take the Extract and turn it into an Anti-Perspiring Padding for you, and if you are nice he will even give you an antiseptic jar back.

Penelope â€" Penelope is an acrobat and she is about to go on, but she wants a new pair of shoes that she ordered from Gilbert. When you take the mission she will give you a Letter From Penelope to give to Gilbert, and you have a 30min time limit. So fly/run down to Gilbert and give him the letter. He will give you Boots For Penelope. Take these back to Penelope and she will give you her old shoes, which you guessed it are Multi-Grip Soles!

Gilbert â€" Gilbert is a paranoid fellow, he used a pen and paper organizer (how 20th century). Anywho you talk to Gilbert and he wants you to deliver a bottle to the bartender at Neuters ‘R Us. But he cant seem to find his organizer. When you are talking you notice he drops his Little Red Book (or something) and his feet. Pick it up and give it back to him, he will then give you a bottle. Take the bottle to the bartender at Neuters ‘R Us. If you are nice he’ll give you a flimsy barstool. Go back to Gilbert and tell him that you have given the bottle to the bartender. Well Gilbert is happy that you delivered the bottle, he will tell you that you can get the Fingertips from a machine. However, you have to have some special passcodes. He will give you the first one, which is 42. You must talk to Penelope and Inspector Marciello for the color codes, but you must not let them know what your asking for. So you talk to them and through conversation determine that the color code is Brown, Brown. **Note: everytime Ive done this its been Brown, Brown; however others are saying they get different colors so talk to Penelope and the Inspector before doing this quest** Now off to the mission (the two times I did it they were in Milky Way). Once in the mission look for a white trashcan thingy. Once you find it talk to it. It will ask for the codes, enter 4, then 2, then brown, then brown **or whatever your number/color code is**. It will give you a list of items to choose from. Select the Fingertips. Now you must activate the Fingertips before you leave! If you leave w/o activating them you will not be able to re-enter mission, and you will have to start over. Pick up the Fingertips and use them on the machine. Now you have your Sensitive Cybernetic Fingertips.

Fritz â€" Well Fritz is a your typical male chauvinist pig. No wonder he can’t get a date with Imelda Dane. Anywho talk to him and he gives you some sob story about his feet hurting from dancing to much. He wants you to go find him a pair of shoes. The shoes he wants are Blue Boots. The Blue Boots can be found on the general clothes terminal, but they aren’t always there so just check until you find ‘em. Give Fritz the Blue Boots and he gives you the Hair Care Contraption.

Mary-Ann â€" Mary-Ann has lost her poor leet, brb. She asks you to find an ID chip and find brb for her. Well to get the ID chip she suggests you go talk to Maud Stevens in Borealis (355x400, nwish from fixer shop). And of course once you get to Maud she wants you to do something for her. That task would be marking Scorpoids. **You can just pay her 15,000 credits through the trade window, or hagle down to 10,000 credits if you want to skip this sub-quest**. She gives you a Scorpoid Scent Masker and a Meta Roentgen Scanner. You must tag a Pinner, a Tingler, and a Twinger in that order. These can be found in NLD or around the WW whompa exit. Once tagged take the Scanner back to Maud and she will give you an ID chip. Take the ID chip and head towards Neuters ‘R Us (The last know location of brb). You can find brb at 400x320 NLC. Tag him with the ID chip (give it to him), and return to Mary-Ann for your reward. Now you have your Thermo Vest!

Simon Stark â€" Simon is a jock and totally into himself. He says that he will give you the Antiseptic Protector if you return his Myfortis pills. And why doesn’t he have them? Well it seems he had a fight with his girl and she’s the one with the pills, so you must first find her. Ethel Anthony can be found at 2170x1550 NLD (next to the whompas). Ethel refuses to give you the pills unless you get Stark to apologize. With your previous conversation, you know he will not say he’s sorry, so you press her about the pills. She tells you that her friend Filthy Luca has them and that you have no chance of getting them from him. And with that challenge you have an assassination mission (mine was in EFP and the mobs equal to my level). Once you find and kill Filthy you must loot his body for the pills, they are not the reward! Take the pills back to Simon and you are now the proud owner of a jock strap aka Antiseptic Protector.

Last but not least Inspector Marciello. Marciello wants you to help him with a murder mystery (and it changes each time). First he wants you to sign a contract with him. He gives you a scanner, but you need to get the contract. To do this you must combine an ID extractor with an Expendable Hologram Camera to get your ID data. Use the ID data on the scanner to get a contract. Hand the Scanner and the contract to him. He will give you a copy and the quest. Time to play detective and solve that crime. Once you solve the crime he gives you the Body Heat Pattern Analyzer. With this and the other parts you can now make your social clothes!!!!

Finding the Murderer - the Inspector gives you the clues that the person is wearing red and was drinking whiskey. The bartender gives you a list of four people that were drinking whiskey. Misa Ramirez is in the side room by the door and she tells you who was wearing red. You now have one female wearing red and drinking whiskey. You also have one male wearing red and drinking whiskey. So you got one male and one female suspect. Step outside and talk to the Good Time Party Mixer. He is a bit defensive but after a few words he will tell you the gender of your suspect. Now go tag that suspect and return to the Inspector. **To tag the suspect: talk to them and click the give item icon, then give them the ID disk. Return to the Inspector, if you chose the right person he will reward you. If you tagged the wrong person he will say something like "No news on the suspects? I though as much". If you tagged the wrong person then you have to wait for the timer on the mission to expire before you can retry**

Making the pieces - I’ve had a few questions about this so I thought it might be helpful to add it here. Ill give regulated bio and non regulated bio mesh examples. Non-regulated Bio Mesh is the Bio Mesh Divenchy gives you. Regulated Bio Mesh can be made by using the Body Heat Pattern Analyzer on the Bio Mesh Divenchy gives you. To make the vest: First add a Regulated Heavy Bio Mesh to the Thermo Vest. This will result in a Basic Vest.

NOTE: THE REST OF THIS IS TO MAKE THE SOCIAL CLOTHING TO EASE SOME CONFUSION.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THE FULL SOCIAL CLOTHES QUEST.  You then take the Basic Vest and combine it with the Fashion Kit **the fashion kit must be for the corresponding part, i.e. vest kit added to the vest**. You now have your fashionable vest  . For the gloves you would add the regular Light Bio Mesh with the Fingertips. This will result in the Basic Gloves. Add these to the kit and you got a new pair of gloves. The pieces (such as Thermo Vest etc) should be the source, with the mesh as the addition. In one of the processes (I think boots) its backwards. The Basic piece should also be the source with the fashion kit ass the addition. Hope this clears some things up. Happy Clothes Hunting  

Thanks Igloo.  Now that we have 2 sets of social clothes here comes the really hard part.  For each piece of basic clothing you want to turn into alien armor you will need to do the following:

Step1 Kyr'Ozch Viralbots + Kyr'Ozch Atomic Re-Structulazing Tool = Memory Wiped Viralbots

Step2 Nano Programming Interface + Memory Wiped Viralbots = Formatted Viralbots

Step3 Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Biomaterial + Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer = Mutated Biomaterial

Step4 Mutated Biomaterial + Uncle Bazzit's Generic Nano Solvent = Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA Soup

Step5 Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA Soup + Essential Human DNA = DNA Cocktail

Step6 Formatted Viralbots + DNA Cocktail = Kyr’Ozch Formatted Viralbot Solution

Step7 Kyr’Ozch Formatted Viralbot Solution + Basic Clothing (from basic clothing quest) = Formatted Viralbot Armor

Step8 Arithmetic/Supple/Enduring/Observant/Strong/Spiritual Viralbots (only must use 1 of them) + Formatted Viralbot Armor = Alien Armor

[Arithmetic/Supple/Enduring/Observant/Strong/Spiritual Armor ]

Thanks Sidy!

Of course the hard part about this is that most of this stuff come off Alien Generals, so it will be a little while before people have full sets of Combined armor running around.

Now we have 2 sets of different armor for our example we will say you want to make officers combined armor.  The stats on it are 1k in intelligence and psychic.  So you will need a full set of Arithmetic and Spiritual Armor to complete the last step.  You combine these two armor type and tada!!! You now have your combined armor.  

Combined Commando â€" Strong and Supple armours
Combined Mercenary â€" Strong and Enduring armours
Combined Paramedic â€" Spiritual and Enduring armours
Combined Scout â€" Arithmetic and Observant armours
Combined Sharpshooter â€" Supple and Observant armours
Combined Officers â€" Arithmetic and Spiritual armours

Arithmetic - Intelligence
Supple - Agility
Enduring - Stamina
Observant - Sense
Strong - Strength
Spiritual â€" Psychic

Use these simple tables to determine what type of alien armor you need to make to make the combined armor you want.

So get your engineer friends ready since they will be doing lots of work for you on this one.

Any questions comments or additions please feel free to let me know and I will add them.  Thanks again to Sidy and Igloo and all the others who helped with their guides.  Most of the work was done by them I just brought it all together.


very nice guide  :)

but how\where do you get item to spesify formatted viralbots?

Step8 Arithmetic/Supple/Enduring/Observant/Strong/Spiritual
-Member of Regulators, Rimor


Formatted Viralbots - Look at step 2 and 3  they are trade skilled from Kyr'Ozch Viralbots.

The Lead Arithmetic/Supple/Enduring/Observant/Strong/Spiritual Viralbots are alien general boss drops.


-Member of Regulators, Rimor


Quote from: "Nrse"
The Basic piece should also be the source with the fashion kit ass the addition. Hope this clears some things up. Happy Clothes Hunting

NOTE: If your making combined armors DONT add a fashion kit. You only need "Basic" armor.

See this thread :



Nice guide...  :)
Where do u get this Essential Human DNA? Alien drop or...?



Soriana - 216 Supreme Creator


The piece of bio-material decides the final QL for any armor part.

For Combined armor - well, for Officer's armor it's the Arithmetic armor piece that decides the QL. The others you have to look up in other threads here.
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Quote from: "Kzak"The piece of bio-material decides the final QL for any armor part.

For Combined armor - well, for Officer's armor it's the Arithmetic armor piece that decides the QL. The others you have to look up in other threads here.

Would that mean it's possible to combine ql 300 arithmetic armor with ql 1 spiritual armor and still end up with ql 300 officers armor?


I would think it' the source should be at least 80% of target's ql
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Assuming the 80% rule holds true (as several steps in the process follows this), you'd need QL240 Spiritual gloves to combine with QL300 Arithmetic gloves.
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President of Lost Chapter.

-Doing his part to make the world a more interesting place.


Rumour is its 10% on Viralbots to make the piece of armor :(


Quote from: "Lurai"Rumour is its 10% on Viralbots to make the piece of armor :(

Rumor is wrong..its 80% of the dna soup ql