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Controller Recompiler Unit

Started by Hoooo, September 10, 2004, 04:43:57 pm

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Found them in the Fixer Shops....rediculously priced, about 1mil for a QL 4

GL, thought u would like this info ;o



Mission Bosses are now dropping QL 60+
Droprate also seems to be better  *edit* maybe not   :oops:
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i looted a q50 and q75 from the same boss today, so +125% in one mission... I'd call that an increased drop rate  :shock:  (q 215 mish)

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At the current prices, they are just wasting shop space.. Running missions is so much more worth your time it's not funny in the least. Dunno why they bothered adding them if they priced em that way.

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its very nice to have tho, if you're ALL out. one could do 8 team missions and dont get 1 CRU
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We've found that if you have 3+ people in the team and do find item missions in BS, you get a somewhat decent rate.  We have an adventurer that only rolls missions when having 3+ people in team, no settings, BS and find item.  He lands crus like hot cakes.  His average last night was one in 3 out of 5 of missions.  

Now maybe he's just really lucky because I didn't have such odds (I'd find one in every 5 or so).

But he seems to consistently find them using the above settings.


We tried with 3 man teams and 2 man teams and for us the droprate appears to be completely random.
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Does perception skill matter? An adventurer could have quite high perception by default...



Bosses seem to drop more items if there are more people in the team when you roll the mission. Rolling missions with a full team, therefore, should give you an increased chance of finding a CRU.


many items are not in the loottables of ql200+ Bosses

so there is an aditional chance getting a CRU in 200+ missi. But ... ^^  a ql 2xx Enfi Boss is no quick kill for anybody.
And the ql's of the CRU are 60+