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November 25, 2020, 02:47:54 am

Nano Input Hoods

Started by Zeca, September 07, 2004, 10:18:09 am

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Quote from: "Meldaeyn"I can only think that the hoods are tradeskilled because they are simply too uber for a level 30 twink to wear (and based on the 2 items used to make I don't see level reqs so I'm assuming tradeskills are the limiting factor in game balance).

Only thing I can think of is a notumcomm mesh has lots of sensors in it. I wonder if someone who has one can take the mesh + a normal hood and try to combine it just to see.

They are leveling items (right click to increase lvl):



btw. anyone checked Black Cloak Hood for uses?


If you mean the Miiir one, it has no uses.


Maybe try a Nano Sensor or a Interfaced nano sensor ?  :idea:
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Basic Headwear maybe? it has 11 uses, and with a quick browse I could only find 9 different social headgears, plus one use for making alien armor... what's the 11th?
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basic headwear+inactive viralbots = inactive nano input hood?


following the basic headwear lead, me and kzak have been trying to figure out the 11th and unknown process.

sofar we've tried (without any luck)

nano sensor
interfaced nano sensor
inactive viralbots
nano programming interface
Communication Device
Personalized Basic Robot Brain
hacked field quantum physics device


Umm...  notucomm mesh maybe?  Hope not, that's a bugger to gather parts for...


Just went over the social clothing head items and theres 10, missed one earlier. So this is a dead end.


hmm the inactive nanobots might have something... couldent it be a quest? since the viral bots have no tradekill uses? like u could turn it into the dood that gives ur the bio meshes and he gives u a nano mesh or something and u combine it with the item that u combine the mesh with to make the normal skin chip dingy... dunno just ideas it would be cool going to check out the ideas now :)


Since it is a leveling item, maybe it is something you have to get in the new backyard? rofl, just a thought :D



has anyone checked Formatted Viralbot Headwear perhaps it has one process more than other Formatted Viralbot Armor.


my bet is this:

Inactive nano bots .. give to a npc (maybe with a basic hood from clothing quest as well)

he gives you back the inactive nano hood

i'm pretty sure it's a quest now
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i have inactive viral bots and a phasing swatch. I want to make a mc/ts hood damnit! lol


It drops from aliens...

(21:56:13) <@xxxx> [AO] xxxx: Inactive Nano Input Hood » (http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=248815&ql=1) phatz
(22:01:39) <@Iriche> where did u loot it?
(22:01:40) <@xxxx> [AO] xxxx: aliens


Inactive Nano Input Hood +  swatch of alien fabric  (either type)
confirmed, leveled mine up to 211