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Shark Invasion

Started by Ninj00, September 07, 2004, 06:40:13 am

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slayer goes for a swim,  and brings back a snack!

But he brought a few friends

and a few more!



Funniest thing ever....
Jaws 27, the revenge on Rubi-Ka


That is so freakin funny  :lol:
I like them big!

Evil White Ranger

LOL I had some of sharks chasing noob alts down the halls. I think if you put pets on hunt all hell will break loose :p

[size=10]Hi, I own a Dino Stegazord, it has a big laser I like to shoot things with.[/size]


tried this today.. was alot of fun.. as a side note, the sharks are the same that spawn in adonis, you kill the first and then 2 spawn.. kill those and 1-2 spawn from each.. until the evil sharks, which drop a piece for the pen glasses.  So yeah... waste of time, fun to look at, but even ely hecklers give better xp and are much easier o)
GJ funcom for using the same sharks that are in adonis, instead of creating new ones that don't suck to kill.

-- I was trying to get easy xp by sitting afk while my pets hunted the fishes... then the sharks came... and soon after so did reclaim! o)


lmao i HAVE to try this on my MP  :D