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January 21, 2021, 04:29:34 pm

New engi trimmers

Started by Thorbert, September 07, 2004, 05:59:46 am

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Hi ,
I just see on Anarchy mainframe some new trimmers : someone have an idea on how to get these ?

http://aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=249107 Cold dmg modifier

http://aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=249109 Fire dmg

http://aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=249110 Energy dmg

http://aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=253189 healpet 6Khp, +30 all dmg


Combine one of these with an Trimmer Casing from the Shop. The Result will be one of the dmgtype changing Trimmer for Engi (nodrop)

Charged Energy Core = Energy Trimmer
Cooled Energy Core  = Cold Trimmer
Heated Energy Core  = Fire Trimmer

For the HP trimmer i have idea at the moment.
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Hit Target       Health   6000   - 6000   
Hit Target       Health   6000   - 6000

That's 12k healing, not 6... it's hit twice :O


This thread may be relevant to the 4th trimmer type. I haven't been able to get hold of a Smelly Liquid of a sensible ql in order to test tho, so just guessing at this point.


A buddy successfully combined Smelly Liquid with a trimmer casing and thus made a QL220ish trimmer with the expected effects (2x healing, etc).



Ok, now, look carefully at the req's here


Self must be robotic pet....

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Maybe the slayerdroid transference has to be running.


anyone have suggestions for getting trimmer casings above ql 200? All the smelly liquid I've got is higher ql than will combine with a ql200 trimmer...