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AXP issues

Started by Alleg, September 07, 2004, 02:34:31 am

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Um, anyone else have an issue with losing ALL their AXP when you die from fighting Aliens? Is it just me or is that a throwback to the ancient beginnings of AO? Are there plans to intoroduce as system where you can regain or at least keep some of your AXP? Has anyone had any success with saving their AXP inbetween alien fights?


You can't save axp, that's intended.
The level of axp gained and lost will be tweaked with thursday's patch.


So if you can't save, how do you level to the uber Alien levels? Even the most careful people die sometimes. I suspect that if you need like 1 mil to level and you only get about 10K per round of aliens, your not going to see very many people leveling in AXP unless they are really lucky. I hope at the very least, they fix the amount of XP lost when you die. I haven't been able to keep a single AXP. I find that a total screw at the low levels, imagine at the high ones.


to my knowledge this is a way to save axp.

Zantezuske told me about htis one,

Go to an alien raid, gain axp , go to old athens ( or trade if your omni ) , let youself die by a guard of any sort , then the next time you fight aliens you shouldnt loose any of the XP you had previously since then


hes sure about it? can you confirm?
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well i know 100% you only loose AXP  vs aliens, so you wouldnt really loose anything for trying it


What Ninj00 said works. I had aixp, I saved outside tir, then I let Simon kill me. Got my stuff from reclaim and saved again. Next alien raid I died on mothership and I prety much still had the xp I had before the raid or pretty close to it since I dont remember the exact number I had.


gah, awesome!! thanks guys.. hope method will work till FC figure out a better system for the AXP
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afaik you dont loose all axp when you die so far through 2.5 alien levels every death lost about 1400 axp but not more
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just died at an alien raid after doing that death thing,

I had 6.8k before the raid , gained about 1.5k  , then died and lost 1.8k..

died a second time and dropped down to a little bit before that,

seems like you dont loose too much anymore, as long as you die between raids


Gonna test this out tonight myself and see how it goes.
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well I died a few more time >_< FFS

But I wasnt loosing massive hunks, just small bits,  it defently reduces the ammount lost,  not totally, but it IS a reduction

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What's bugging me isn't the loss on death but the new ACP arc after 15... :|

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