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January 17, 2022, 12:06:52 pm

Upgrading Weapons

Started by herodotus2, September 05, 2004, 11:33:57 pm

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Daimoness Wrote :

    "Using the Kyr'Ozch Structural Analyzer on the Solid Clump of Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material will yield one of the following

    Mutated Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material
    Pristine Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material
    Kyr'Ozch Bio-Material - Type XXX

    The last is a rare drop though, the others can be combined with some stuff from Unzle Bazzit to give Generic Kyr'Ozch DNA-Soup. Found no use for that so far though."

- AI Library

Azance wrote :

    "Kyr'Ozch Structual Analyzer is a quest reward form the Bazzit quest.

    Applying this to the Chumps of Bio-Material can render you several types of Bio-Material.

    If you search for
Bio-Material on AODB, you can see there are several types of Chumps of Bio-Material as well, so it's predefined what it will be.

Seems the TYpe N is quite rare, as we have only had one drop in Nemesis (to my knowledge), and it was type 880. We (again, to my knowledge) have not tried to apply this to a weapon yet. Most likely the only thing needed is to get the right Bio-Material, but we've had perhaps 20 Chumps, 1 of which where a type, and most of the rest was the two that noone seems to know what is for."

- AO Forums ( http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=330097&page=1&pp=20 )[/list]


Weapon Types :

  • Type 1 = Fling Shot
  • Type 112 = Brawl, Dimach and Fast Attack
  • Type 12 = Burst and Full Auto
  • Type 13 = Burst, Fling Shot and Full Auto
  • Type 2 = Aimed Shot
  • Type 240 = Brawl, Dimach, Fast Attack and Sneak Attack
  • Type 3 = Fling Shot and Aimed Shot
  • Type 4 = Burst
  • Type 5 = Fling Shot and Burst
  • Type 76 = Brawl and Fast Attack
  • Type 880 = Dimach, Fast Attack, Parry and Riposte
  • Type 992 = Dimach, Fast Attack, Sneak Attack, Parry and Riposte


Does anyone know if the ql of the clump makes any difference in upgrading a gun?


Quote from: "Nige"Does anyone know if the ql of the clump makes any difference in upgrading a gun?

According to Snurre it has to be within 10% (see Shade forum)



the weapons goes up 2 QLs when you upgrade them
-Member of Regulators, Rimor


Just to point out in case nobody else had noticed the upgrade type numbers seem to be partially based on a binary bit combination.

    1 - Fling Shot
    2 - Aimed Shot
    4 - Burst

Hence 5 = (4+1) = Burst + Fling (101 in binary)

Working from the numbers given by Herodotus,

12 = 8+4 = Full Auto + Burst ->

    8 - Full Auto

** 76 = 64+8+4 = Brawl + Fast Attack - this one doesn't fit **

112 = 64+32+16 = Dimach + Fast Attack + Brawl - no clues as to which is which.

240 = 128+64+32+16  = Sneak Attack + Dimach + Fast Attack + Brawl ->

    128 - Sneak Attack

880 = 512 + 256 + 64 + 32 + 16 =  Dimach + Fast Attack + Parry + Riposte -> Parry and Riposte are bits 256 and 512 - would also expect this to have upgraded Brawl (from 112).

992 =  512 + 256 + 128 + 64 + 32 = Dimach + Fast Attack + Sneak Attack + Parry + Riposte

Subtracting 112 ->

    16 - Brawl

So concluding what I can discern from the incomplete data,

1 - Fling Shot
2 - Aimed Shot
4 - Burst
8 - Full Auto
16 - Brawl
32,64 - Dimach,Fast Attack (unknown which is which)
128 - Sneak Attack
256,512 - Parry,Riposte (unknown which is which)

Inconsistencies noted:

76 doesn't fit in any sense - it gets even more confused looking at http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247631.

880 should have included brawl but didn't this may be due to a second bit mask applied at the weapon end.

The results aren't conclusive, it may even be bugs in the FC db. Eg. it was intended for weapon X to get all the upgrades in the bit pattern but the person who added the entry missed some.


its just a coincedence.. 880 doesnt have brawl becuase its meant for keeper's 2he weapon(kyr'ozch sword).
Those numbers are just IDs. theres nothing wrong with type 76, its suppose to add brawl and fastattack

and why would it matter which number is which special?

did i miss your point perhaps
-Member of Regulators, Rimor


Well to strengthen my point by going to the database,

Edit: Hmm, well the Code tags on this forum seem to produce text the same colour as the backdrop (at least to my red/green colourblind eyes) so you'll need to drag select the table below to see it if you can't.

Bit 0 - Fling
Bit 1 - Aimed Shot
Bit 2 - Burst
Bit 3 - Full Auto
Bit 4 - Brawl
Bit 5 - Fast Attack
Bit 6 - Dimach
Bit 7 - Sneak Attack
Bit 8 - Parry Requirement
Bit 9 - Riposte Requirement

Type  9876543210 Consistent?

1   0000000001 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254619
1   0000000001 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254570
1   0000000001 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254584
2   0000000010 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254605
2   0000000010 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254472
3   0000000011 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247320
4   0000000100 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254521
4   0000000100 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254654
5   0000000101 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247362
5   0000000101 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247545
5   0000000101 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247524
5   0000000101 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247408
5   0000000101 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247334
12 0000001100 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247369
13 0000001101 Yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254507
76 0001001100 no http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247617
76 0001001100 no     http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247631
112 0001110000 yes   http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254759
112 0001110000 yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254780
112 0001110000 yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247559
112 0001110000 yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254703
240 0011110000 yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247573
880 1101110000 no (Brawl?) http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=247652
992 1111100000 yes http://www.aodb.info/showitem.aspx?AOID=254717
After looking at the DB I realised bits 8 and 9 probably mean "have parry and riposte" as an equiping requirement though there isn't enough data to be certain.

Also the bit positions of Fast/Dimach could be swapped as could the positions of Rip/Parry due to lack of data.

The only inconsistencies are weapon type 76 which should probably have  been called type 48 (or 80) and 880 which looks like it should either have brawl or should be called type 864.


I still dont see your points, everything looks fine.

"The bits 8 and 9 should have parry and riposte"
I think you overanalyzing it.. It's just some database IDs
-Member of Regulators, Rimor



Look, I'm not trying to announce some earth shattering discovery here. To anyone who has packed flags into a bitfield before it should be as clear as the nose on their face. Just one look at the first 10 types should be enough to convince them.

100 people reading this have probably spotted it already and not bothered to post anything.

Nor is it the basis of an argument that type 880 should have brawl or type 76 should be burst, full auto and dimach - which would make no sense. It just highlights a couple of minor bugs in the transcription made by the game designer.

To claim they're just random database IDs however is a bit like claiming the rosetta stone was a fake. Or to draw another anology, if Funcom put morse code into some item descriptions, and somebody who knew morse code came along and said "hey that's morse code" , you'd be sitting their in the back saying "no its just random symbols - why does it matter which dots and dashes are special?"