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Number Nine - The Alien Invasion is predicted

Started by herodotus2, June 14, 2004, 05:08:34 pm

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Deep in a temple within Broken Shores a droid known as 'Number Nine' confronts weary warriors with a tale of foresight.

"I am sorry to hear about the tragic events leading to your presence here.

You have now passed a point of no return, and every human being on Rubi-Ka will suffer the consequences.

The Protector has fallen. You are forcing their hand, and Rubi-Ka is in danger. For what ?

For Power...
For Money...
For Divinty?

When will you evolve beyond aritifical needs and see the truth?

They are watching, always in tune. And there is no way of stopping them...

*Number Nine hums briefly then replies with its emotionless voice"

Number Nine: End of message. Please stand by for termination.


Program terminated."

The warriors look on with stunned silence and wonder what events they have precluded.

... They are coming !!

Evil White Ranger

Wow, that inside the Pyramid?

And I don't actually see him in that pic, is he just another lil robot like the startng Engie bot?

And of course Mr. Ross already knew about the aliens for months, but then again, technically so did we :p

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